World’s Most Corrupt and Least Corrupt Countries

Corruption is a termite that destroys the economy as well as the national integrity of a country at a slower but effective pace. Many of the nations in the world are suffering from this disease of corruption and there seems to be no medicine since people have quite adapted this environment in their country.

In some of the European countries, the Businessmen are quite happy as they know they will not have to pay bribe to the government officials in order to sustain in the market. However, in most of the countries the situation is as bad as it could ever be. Corruption is a common subject in those parts of the world.

In some nations, corruption starts from building of the enterprise, having its license and it goes on until the enterprise is in existence. The bribes are given in exchange of business security or sometimes in order to avoid false charges against the company. The government officials are very powerful in those countries and there exists a system which is rhetoric for everyone. People have to go through those marshy lands once in order to survive their living. There is no way they can shy away from such corruption.

There is a common saying, “if you have to survive in the system, you have to follow the system”. The system we are talking about here is about the corruption ridden behavior of the nations. People have no choice than to follow these bribe rituals blindly and get adapted to the environment. When someone raises a voice in the society, it is suppressed so hard that the person is not able to speak high ever again.

World’s Most Corrupt and Least Corrupt Countries

Public sector corruption has been a matter of serious concern for the world but no significant steps have been taken by most of the countries to counter this problem.  A non government organization, Transparency International has conducted a survey and reported the list of least corrupted and most corrupted countries of the world. Transparency International has existed as a watchdog for political as well as corporate corruption issues. The corruption perceptions index for 2013 has already been released by this NGO. It has rated countries based on their corruption index. The countries that score 100 rating are the ones where corruption rarely exists and on the other hand, the countries having scores as 0 are the hopeless ones. Corruption has made a big house in their land and does not want to leave any sooner.

Around 177 countries have been tested and evaluated in the corruption index. The sad part is that only 1/3 of the countries could reach the ratings of 50. This list will give the viewers an idea of what to expect when you go to some country.

The Nordic countries scored very well at the corruption index and they are considered to be the safest option for businessmen to invest since there is no unwanted interruption from the government officials. The life of a businessman becomes easy in the Nordic countries. Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway all feature in the top 10 least corrupt countries. New Zealand also features in the list with score of 91. Other country that is topping the charts is Singapore.

Here is the list of top 10 least corrupt countries of the world according to the report by Transparency International: (in the reverse order)
10. Canada
9. Australia (tied with Canada for 9th position).
8. Netherlands.
7. Switzerland.
6. Singapore (tied with Norway for 5th position)
5. Norway
4. Sweden
3. Finland
2. New Zealand (tied with Denmark for the 1st position)
1. Denmark.

Now the question arises as to where the most powerful nation of the world USA lies in the list. It is unfortunate to say that the largest economy of the world lies on the 19th position and it scores 73. United Kingdom has also disappointed with its ranking and it sits at the 14th position.

As far as South American countries are concerned, Mexico lies at the 106th position. It scores 34 points. This is a very disappointing rank but according to the experts, it is a well deserved one for the country since there is a whole lot of corruption in the country.

Now talking about the most corrupted countries in the world, there are no surprises to see nations like Yemen, Sudan, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations with African countries at the top of the list.

Here is the list of most corrupted countries of the world (in the reverse order):
10. Syria (tied with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan for 168th position)
9. Turkmenistan (tied with Uzbekistan and Syria for 168th position)
8. Uzbekistan
7. Iraq
6. Libya
5. South Sudan
4. Sudan
3. Afghanistan (tied with North Korea and Somalia for 175th position)
2. North Korea (tied with Somalia and Afghanistan for 175th position)
1. Somalia

Their scores are alarming and these countries are totally hopeless when it comes to corruption and a lot of reforms need to be affected in order to relive it from the evil factor of corruption.

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