World’s First Digital Library With No Books

Texas library has given the world something to cheer about. It has defined uniqueness in its own way. The public library has been seen in the city of Texas which looks more like an Apple store. There are an ample of tablets that are mounted in the library. These tablets can be accessed by anyone with the help of a borrowing card.

Not only this, the librarians of Texas have tried to copy the dress code of Apple. They wear shirts that match their concept of looking like a geek. Making this library has not been a flower bed process. It took months of improvisation and designing and it cost the makers an amount equivalent to 2.3 million USD. There are no actual books present in this library. It has attracted the attention of many people since it is a library of its own kind.

It is one of the first bookless library in the world. The library is expected to attract a lot of digital book buffs. Some people are making a visit to this library from places as far as Hongkong so that they can take this idea home and make something similar there.

World’s First Digital Library With No Books

The Vice President of South Carolina’s Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, Mary Graham said that people need to look into this idea as it will go on to revolutionize the reading industry of the world. It is a perfect example for the institutions who want to make a book less library. She stated that people who have such intentions must make a visit to this Texas library.

Digital libraries have been an integral part of college campuses for years now, but the one in Texas has no books at all which has created a history. The facts have been collected by the American Library association. Such idea is not very new as similar proposals had been given to other universities in the nearest past but they had been denied citing doubts. Back in 2011, a similar concept was proposed in California in the Newport beach but it did not materialize.

World’s First Digital Library With No Books

The Texas Bookless library is termed as Bibilotech, which is a very catchy and interesting name itself. It has been toured by many experts and one of them is Graham. He visited the campus in fall and has been pushing Charleston leaders in order to make an identical library. Where Bibilotech is situated is usually known as the depressing part of the country. It has been shared along with Bexar county government’s building.

It is located in the city of San Antonio. This city is the seventh largest in the country but in terms of literacy, it scores lower than the other cities of America. The ranking that it attained in terms of literacy was 60th. These figures were obtained by the census. The community leaders living in the neighborhood of the library raised their voices for not having a bookstore. The project coordinator of Bibilotech, Laura Cole added that a substantial amount of families in this area do not have the access to Wi-Fi and hence internet. She said that when there are limited resources available in some place, it becomes difficult to raise the status of the individuals living there and get them educated. So, the digital library will prove to be a boon for them and their future family.

World’s First Digital Library With No Books

The residents of the society nearby are very excited about the idea of Digital library and they are making full use of the opportunity rendered to them. In the first year itself, the digital library saw admission of around 100,000 visitors. These visitors are not only the people who want to read something but also the ones who intend to take this idea home and make something similar. Bibilotech has various ranges of readers coming in. One of them is learning mandarin. The books are uploaded every other day in this library and people are making full use of it. The head librarian of the library, Ashley Elkholdf is quite happy with this job. She recalls her term at the previous job and says that mostly the books were not treated well by the visitors and some of them were found torn or damaged. This spoiled the whole idea of library. She is quite happy that digital library has come into existence which will avoid toying with books.

World’s First Digital Library With No Books

It is indeed a very good idea as stated by Ashley. She says that keeping digital books in store makes the institutions save a lot of space in their country. The space that physical books acquired could now be easily saved and make way for the tablets and the digital books. It is very economical concept too. The library can purchase digital books at a similar rate as the conventional books. This saves them a lot of space too and also from the possibility of the books being destroyed by the visitors.  Saving the space was one of the major concerns of Bibilotech when its idea was being surfaced. In case of having a library with conventional books, you need to make a book shelf and all other things. If the books are heavy, it becomes difficult to move them around too. So there are a lot of hassles related to conventional books.

The conventional libraries actually cost more than the digital libraries to make. There is one library about to be opened in Austin. It will cost the manufacturers a sum of 120 million USD, which is hefty and in no comparison with the pricing of digital library Bibiliotech. Even the libraries with no significant tools are made at a cost 1 million USD more than Bibilotech. Hence, making a digital library is one of the most efficient concepts that are surfacing in the market.


We asked one of the visitors of this library named Abigail Reyes about her experience in this digital library. She had been looking for a space to study quietly in the library for algebra exam. She took some tips from librarian on how to get the digital book and once she found it, she sat comfortably on the couch with tablet and carried on with solving the Algebra problems without any hassles. However, she added that she misses the conventional books. It is her own personal choice since she does not like tablets for the reason that they hurt her eyes.

Every work is possible using the digital books. Another visitor named Rosemary Caballeo came into the store who wanted to shop for health insurance. She was allowed to sit on some of the computers that had been reserved for Affordable care act enrolment. She found it very easy to shuffle across pages and do her work instantly as one of her kid was constantly crying and pushing her to go back home.

In a nutshell, we can say that digital library is the future of the book world.

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