Why Trophy Hunting Is Bad And Should Be Banned?

What is Trophy Hunting? 

Trophy hunting is referred to the shooting of wild sport animals. The parts of animal or its head are kept for reference to the victory of the poacher. Trophy hunting is often the most debatable subject among the experts. There are several supporters of this heinous act as the money attracted by the trophy hunters goes for the benefit of the wild animals and boosts the local economy. It is often confused with poaching. However, poaching is totally different to trophy hunting.

Trophy Hunting

The trophy is prepared as the matter of pride by the hunter in order to keep it as the glorious memory in his house as a souvenir. It is the symbol of his success in hunting. These trophies are tailored by the taxidermists. They assemble the parts of the animal body like head, tusks, horns or sometimes even teeth to form a trophy that reflects the victory of the hunter. These trophies are often kept in the home or office of the hunter. Sometimes the hunters encourage the formation of game room/trophy room that is dedicated to the mastery of hunter and his hunted animals. Some weapons are also displayed along with animal trophies. They take a pride in trophies and often dive into such a passion to showcase their talent to friends and colleagues.

Trophy Hunting

Why Trophy Hunting is bad and should be banned?

1. It is cruel:

Killing animals for the sake of thrill and glory is simply unjustified. The ignorant behavior of the hunters just for the showcase of their glory is out of any logical thoughts. Animals suffer immensely when they are killed and beheaded. It cannot be glorious for the hunter; instead it’s a matter of shame that they kill animals only for putting some souvenir at their home/office. Thus, it is simply cruel to kill an animal for trophy hunting.

2. The eco-system is disturbed:

When the hunters kill animals for fun, it depletes them from the eco-system. Since many of the game animals are on the verge of getting extinct, it is advised not to practice trophy hunting in order to feel proud on the killing of innocent wild animals. The preservation of such extinct animals is more important than mere pleasure of keeping them in the trophy cabinet as the matter of hunter’s pride.

3. It’s irrelevant in this age:

Trophy hunting was very popular in the medieval period and ancient ages. The kings and high commands used to kill animals in order to showcase their presence and dominance through trophies. However, now it’s the world of globalization. In this fast paced world, there is no time with the people for poaching.  Moreover, there are certain set of strict rules employed with trophy hunting or poaching. Hence, it is totally illogical to break the laws implemented by the authorities to kill animals and preserve them as trophies. Thus, trophy hunting is quite irrelevant if we consider the rules and regulations set by the authorities in this era.


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