Why The Jesus Movies Usually Suck ?

The recently released movie “Son of God” expertly describes and explains the depth of the title. Yes, this movie was made getting inspired from History Channel’s program “The Bible”. This program was a 10 hour version of mini-series. Son of God was purely based on the serial. Roma Downey was cast as Jesus and the idea of the casting sucks already. People still paid for their tickets and went into the cinemas to witness the blunder made by its director.

The movie sucked in dialogues, story and acting. Everything looked like a tasty dish that has been served burnt. The special effects were hopeless too. The true spirit was simply lacking from the movie and this is the major reason responsible for its utmost failure. I am sure I have seen a lot of Jesus movies but none has done justice to the legacy of Holy Jesus. However, the movie produced by Disney based on bible stories were liked by the audience. These stories were referred to as “Ben-Hur”. In general, the Jesus movies suck big time.

Why The Jesus Movies Usually Suck ?

The first movie that I witnessed carrying the theme of bible was, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. It was released in 1965 having actors like Charlton Heston in the leading roles.  There are times when Heston looks more inhuman than human and it seemed to be the most enjoyable part of the movie. The movie was extremely slow and the concept did not pick up the pace. The guy who was selected for playing the part of Jesus was Swedish actor named Max Von Sydow and looked pale throughout the film. He did not have any aura that could be compared to the charm of Jesus. None of the sequence sin the movie equaled the mighty likes of holy Bible. Almost all the movies made on Jesus lacked proper content and the entertainment factor.


Personally, I am a big fan of the story of Jesus and no other story has affected my life in a better way than the Jesus one has. There is a lot of content in Jesus’s story. Its about teachings, moral, conversations, miracles and much more but all of this is missing from the movies that release in the stake of Jesus story.

There is so much about the life of Jesus and it cannot be simply compiled into a 2 hour movie. Therefore, the series about Jesus that lasts in way of serials and stays for a couple of days is more popular among the audience and they appreciate it this way. The only movie that seemed to have made justice to the storyline of Jesus was “The King of Kings”. It was having a perfect base for it to be 2 hour long.

Some movies have made justice to the presence of Jesus but “Son of God” was a pure blunder made by the director. There was no hint of where the story was leading us to. The acting performances was next to terrible and no one could cruise the movie to success.

When it comes to the making of Jesus film in cinema. The Christian audience expect the movie not to surprise them in any manner. Hence, the contents should be as simplistic as they can be. This is the reason why most Christ movies are very simple and sometimes lack in flavor. Martin Scorsese is one of the finest directors in the industry currently but he also got some doze of the mood, when he directed “The Last Temptation of Christ”. Although all the elements in Martin’s movie were exceptional, including the performance by the leading actors, but it failed comprehensively. There is probably some jinx with people making Jesus movies. They never work well at the box office neither with the critics.

This is the major reason why most of the Jesus movies are terrible and hard to even watch one time. They lack in creativity and when creativity is subsided from movies, it becomes a dead rubber. However, people still expect someone to make a movie on Jesus that soars high in the cinema world. There is some jinx to the Jesus movies that they are never liked by the audience, and now we know why.

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