Why Is It Bad To Hold Your Pee For Too Long?

As per health experts, it is necessary to urinate immediately after you have felt the sensation. However, oftentimes, one has no option but to hold it back for a while. Now, it is common knowledge that holding your pee is not a very good idea. However, the why of it isn’t as common. So, why do you think it is bad to hold your pee for a long time? Here are the dynamics –

First and foremost, delaying your pee even for a bit could lead to kidney stone. For, urine is elimination of unwanted fluids from the body and if you don’t give them an outlet, they will surely turn somewhere. So, even if you don’t fall victim to kidney stone, you will indeed suffer from an infection. Thus, this is one of the primary reasons that you shouldn’t be holding back your pee.

girls holding pee

However, in the long run, holding back your pee will leave a deep impact on your body and hence, it is very wrong. Whether you hold it for hours or for a few minutes, there is definitely going to be an impact on the body. It is interesting to note that the time for which you can hold the urine depends on the following factors –

1. Amount of accumulated urine.
2. Hydration
3. Presence of fluids
4. Capacity of the bladder
While sometimes, holding of bladder cannot be avoided, it results in the loss of the sense of recognition that it is time to pee. Hence, it is necessary that one does not fall back upon the practice of holding back their pee. Moreover, it will lead to a potential risk of diseases because the urine present in the bladder will go on producing bacteria from the dirt and stink for as long as it stays there.
So, as you may see holding back your pee can lead to the following problems –
Kidney Stone
Risk of Dangerous Diseases from Bacteria

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