Why do girls like romantic movies so much?

Since the commencement of cinema industry, romantic movies have been primarily liked by women. Even today when some new romantic movie hits the cinema hall, it is certainly a striking and an appropriate excuse for ladies night out gathering. Below mentioned are some of the basic reasons that why do girls like romantic movies so much.

Women soon get in touch with the emotions shown in the movie, Women are emotional beings and thus, while watching a romantic movie, they feel good on hearty laughs and let their tears flow while watching others. Girls generally flow with the scenes and feelings shown in the movie like love finding scenes, falling in love scenes and then losing love scenes. Usually, girls see their own image and feelings in that movie and so is the reason behind their liking.

Generally, every woman dreams that one day she will met a man who will sweep of her feet. They have no face in their delusion and these romantic movies put a face on their dream man. Moreover, girls also release their romantic frustration watching these movies. The chief reason is soft and good music too.

romantic movies

Girls like perfect marriages and happy families as shown in the romantic movies that you have met a man who is fulfilling all your desires and is loving and caring you just the way you want. That dream man will defends you against physical attack and falls in love with you. These are the things which girls love watching.

In a romantic movie, unrealistic relationships are there in which love flows in the air and that is what girls love to watch. Girls like partners which may love and care for them and so is shown in the romantic movies. That is why girls like these movies the most.


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