Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other's Bottoms?

You must have often noticed dogs smelling each other’s bottoms, there is actually no romance involved in it but they do for chemical communication. A video has been released by Washington DC’s American Chemical Society in which the reason behind dogs smelling each other’s bottoms has been explained. According to the video, dogs smell the bottoms in order to dig info about the other dogs.

The glands that are present in dog’s bottoms diffuse chemicals that are capable of giving important info to the dog who is smelling the bottom. The information can be a revelation about the gender, diet and even the emotional state of the dog who is being smelled. The Jacobson’s organ present in the nose of dogs helps them to discern the information from the other turbid smells.

Why DO Dogs Smell Each Other's Bottoms?

The new research about dogs has paled all the other achievements in science lately. The scientists are happy and surprised to be revealed about the reason for dogs to smell each other’s bottoms. It looks like an odd behavior but it carries so much meaning to it than you would actually imagine. Not only the diet of the sniffee can be known by the sniffer but also his sex, age, gender and other pivotal factors.

“Reactions” has made the video that has become viral and explains about the smelling sense in dogs. It is stated in the video that dog’s nose can be 10,000 to 100,000 times more receptive when compared to a human nose. When they smell the bottoms of each other, the purpose is to collect vital information about each other rather than flirting with each other.

The video also tell that in 1975, Dr George Preti who worked in the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia worked on the secretions of dogs in order to study the particular behavior of dogs smelling each other’s bottoms.


The back end of the dog is known as the anal sac that diffuses certain chemicals that are helpful for the sniffer to know about the vital info. Apocrine gland is also situated in the same region that is responsible for providing the dog with its natural smell. Apart from the Apocrine gland, the sebaceous gland also plays a vital role and is responsible for lubricating and waterproofing the skin and hair of dogs.

Dr George Preti concluded in his study that the chemicals that are secreted out of dogs behind come out from the above mentioned glands and the natural aroma for dogs is produced therefore. Trimethylamine is also produced as a result. It is basically an organic compound that is produced because of decomposition of plants and animals. The odor of this compound can be associated with rotting fish or bad breath.

The aroma that is diffused by the dog totally depends on his own diet, gender and also the emotional state. When one dog sniffs the behind of another dog, he can know more info than what we can imagine. Now it is very interesting to know how dogs are so capable to pick up those smells when there are other odors in dog’s secretion too.

The narrator has given a simple answer to it which goes like, “You’d think the smell of dog poop would overpower Rover’s sensitive smell, but dogs have a second olfactory system in their hyper-sensitive nose called the jacobson’s organ.”

Why DO Dogs Smell Each Other's Bottoms?

Chemical communication is the sole purpose of the organ and not to smell the other aromas present in dog’s secretion. The conclusion made by the video is that dogs do not smell each other for fun or for the flirting purpose but they actually do it in order to know the emotional state, gender and other important info about the sniffee. Hence, there is a big reason why dogs smell each other’s bottoms, so you don’t need to be confused when you see it happening in front of you.

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