Why Cats Love Boxes So Much?

Cats are one of the most lovable and cozy animal pets that exist.  They are extremely cheeky in whatever they do. It is a popular claim that cats love hiding into boxes. Whether it’s a large box, a small box or anything they can climb into, they just love hiding into that piece of box. It implies for cats of all breeds and varieties. Apart from real boxes, the cats also love to enclose themselves into box like structures such as drawers, laundry baskets, sinks and paper bags. What is it that attracts them to get enclosed in these boxes? Is it a regular part of their play or it’s their affection for boxes? Let’s find it out:

Here are some of the reasons why Cats love to stay enclosed inside boxes:
Cats Love Boxes

1. The security is the main question in existence here. Cats feel more secured inside an enclosed box. The box is taken by them as a cave and they feel quite protected inside it. According to the cats, they are secured and cannot be attacked from their back by anyone, since they are covered from all the sides.

2. Playing inside boxes is fun to cats. They are playful creatures and love it in the boxes. They like to jump and pounce in and out of the boxes making it a very joyful time to pass. Sometimes, these boxes work as bunkers to the cats and they can attack the prey using box as a cover. Hence, staying inside the box can heed to so many advantages for the cats.

3. The coziness that the boxes offer is loved by the cat clan. They love it even more if you can put a soft blanket inside the box. The cats can sometimes sleep inside the box pretending to be sleeping inside their well protected nest.

4. Boxes are very comfortable for the cats to take a nap or rest. Cats are never seen resting in an open space as they are quite insecure when it comes to their safety; therefore, they prefer to sleep/rest inside the packed boxes.

It is therefore advisable for you to buy a cheeky and comfortable box for your cat so that they can feel like home and love you as an owner even more. You can try throwing in toy mouse inside the box and check out for more fun.


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