Apple is a brand which cannot be taken for granted only, it makes people love its products and hate them too. There are plentiful of people who willingly concede to hate products made or designed by this brand. Mostly people buy Apple iPhone only because of strong advertising and marketing. Now, you may is thinking that why people abhor Apple this much. Let’s explore some of the reasons behind this fact that why do people hate apple?

Why Apple Sucks And Why Do People Hate Apple?

1. Mindset of Apple users:- Most people confesses that there is nothing distinctive in the devices created by this brand. The major reason behind the disliking is the mindset of Apple fan boys.

2. Apple devices are expensive:- If compare with other smart phones, Apple computers and other gadgets are highly expensive whereas on the same time, one can get similar windows based PC for like half the price value. Technology now is growing overprices with every passing day and thus is the reason that great amount of people now are saying a big NO to it.

3. Hard to switch from Windows:- People finds or feels it quite challenging to adapt a Mac instead of Windows. Mac newbies are making people confused and annoyed too as the functions are quite different and difficult too and moreover Mac applications are not configurable as like the Windows counterparts.

4. Apple, not fit for business purpose:-Various business still are running on excel spread sheets despite of the existence of various business tools which are specifically optimized for Mac. People feel quite cynical turning to Mac because of instability of its versions.

These are some of the reasons that why people hate Apple and why it sucks.

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