Why animal experiments and testing is bad?

Today, a large number of animals are killed by humans and are tested in laboratories. Few of them which survive got intolerable pain. The cases of death of animals at these laboratories are increasing with every passing day. Various biological experimentation is done on them for human benefits. In these experiments, animals are exposed to radiations and are given electric shocks.

animal experiments and testing
This type of unethical practice is manifestly wrong and should be confiscated. Everyday animals are killed to test a vast array of weapons as well as cosmetics. After the manufacturing of weapons and cosmetics, they are first tested on animals in order to analyze their harmful effects. All harmful chemicals are tested on animals which is highly unethical. It should not be done as animals also suffer from pain when they are being given shocks and radiations. They also feel the same as a human being feel when somebody beat him or may deprived him from food and water.
Humans for their own  benefits have changed animals rights to a great extent. Humans should understand that they do not have any right to kill somebody for their profit. The animals who get died in between the e experimentation their hair and fur are utilized to make shoes and jackets and their body parts are utilized as experiment grounds for biological students,
Government should take some serious steps against this unethical practice in order to stop this.


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