Where to find the Best Value for Valentine’s Day Diamonds

With the festival of love around the corner, people are considering buying diamonds as the valentine day gift for their lovers. If you are considering buying a piece of jewelry for your partner, it is high time to search from options that are available in the market. A little info about the right stores and market can save an ample of money from your pockets. Prior anticipation not only saves your hard earned money but also helps to receive the best quality for gift.

It does not matter if you have visited the market in order to buy a string of beads, a vintage piece or a diamond; you have to understand the quality of the material. MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America) have issued a guide in favor of choosing the start point for the same.

Where to find the Best Value for Valentine’s Day Diamonds

When you aware yourself of the basics of buying jewelry, it becomes easier to make a good and smart choice. A reality check is always important while going for the purchase of a jewelry piece. The audience for the gift should be studied first, in order to shop for Valentine’s Day gift. You should be aware of their choice in terms of presents. A Valentine’s Day gift can be as cheap as a penny and as expensive as a jewel crown. What matters the most here is the taste of the receiver and the love that is embedded in the present.

No matter your wallets are heavy or really light, you can always find the perfect valentine’s gift for your girl. These gifts can be purchased online or offline or at the independent stores. Both the options have their downside and upsides. In order to know the real deal for diamond in terms of its quality and pricing, we selected a pair of diamond earring weighed 1 carat. It is one of the favorites when it comes to jewelry gifts. Diamond can be compared easily based on the grading system known as four C’s that stands for cut, color, clarity and carat.

Let us start with the independent jewelers:

You might take the route of the local market in order to visit the independent jewelers in order to check their designs. The independent jewelers are known for picking the stones one by one checking their quality, clarity and the size. When you visit them, it is advised to ask as many questions as you can and take the most out of their expertise in the industry. You may pay a hefty price for the selection of jewels but you can be assured of the quality.

After visiting the independent stores, we had a look at the New York City jewelers. One of them offered low quality diamonds with the price of 2599 USD and the other one was selling a higher quality for the price of 1670 USD. You can spot the difference in the price and the quality. This is something that the customer needs to be aware of.

Let us talk about the Jewelry chains now:

When we tried to sneak into the jewelry chains around the city ranging from Claire’s to Tiffany’s and every other store on the way, we found mid level jewelry chains. They are bought in bulk there and that helps to keep the spirits of the budget oriented customers high.  We tried to compare the price of the diamond earrings and met our expectation at Zales, Kay’s and Jared’s. All of them offered a four C’s system and the sub level quality of price were considered. It ranged from 1,199 to 1,899 USD.

Big Box Stores:

When it came to the Big Box Stores like Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart, they sold canned goods in massive quantities. They are also selling jewelry with the closeness of the festive love season. If your partner is not brand conscious, you must go for these stores as the prices are not so expensive.

If you are looking for the best deal, go for the closest local Sam’s club or Costco. The offerings given by these clubs were affordable and could not be avoided by most of us. The diamond that matches all the mentioned criteria including the four C’s carry a price tag of 2,999.99 USD at Costco. At the other hand, the same diamonds at Sam’s club cost the user a minimal price of 1,999 USD.

However, while you are searching for jewelry in the Big Box Stores, you must be aware of what you are looking for. A salesperson cannot be poked more for helping you out in such stores. Therefore, in order to buy the best quality of diamond at an attractive price, you must have an idea of what you are going to buy.

Online vendors:

With the surge of smart phones and the online revolution, it is evident that most of the products are bought online. It is easier and a hassle free process that everyone endorses in their lifestyle.  According to the report of Ibis world, the online jewelry sales have increased on an average of 2.9 percent annually between 2008 and 2013.

When the customer service representative was confronted at Super Jewelers, he assured us of one of the most amazing deals that exist in the market. These websites basically function more as a wholesaler than the retailer.  There is no middle men in the process which means you don’t pay extra for the superior quality.

The diamond studs that completed all the set standards for diamonds cost 699 USD which is affordable and it does not compromise with the quality. Online shopping is a very easy and hassle free option but according to the experts, you should not rely totally on the online websites majorly because of the online scams that are emerging in the industry. Another factor due to which the customer gives a second thought to the purchasing of jewelry online is that they like to feel and touch the product before buying it.

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