What Makes A Man Attractive To Women?

Chest cuts, biceps, abs, smooth hair and we’re swooning! Sometimes, it is the lean, tall guy with curly hair and we’re swooning! It is the weirdest things about men that get us going. Here are a few things that women find attractive in men –
What Makes A Man Attractive To Women?

1. Strong Hands

No matter how clumsy or weird you are, if your hands are good, we are good. Yes, our mind goes places too. Places you can’t even think of! Oh, yes! We do love strong hands.

2. Those who don’t give a damn

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you dress carelessly, walk carelessly and have that I give a damn attitude, we will most definitely croon over you.

3. Those who treat you as equals in the true sense of the word

They won’t tell you what to do; they won’t think it is their responsibility to protect us from the world; they will not behave like godfathers but will let you be. You want to change the light; they’d be as indifferent to it as they would be to you bringing them a wonderful cup of coffee and sandwiches. Now, that is a man everyone wants!

4. That you care!

You care not because it is your responsibility but because you love or like us. And that you care not just for us but for everyone and everything because you are socially and humanely, a responsible person.

5. Honesty!

Yes, we see through your white lies and honesty will definitely make us happier than you think. Try, may be?

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