What Is The Best Way To Impress A Girl?

When it comes to impressing a girl, most boys draw a blank. In the age of selfies and pop culture, this becomes all the more a difficult task. Moreover, what works for one girl may not work for another. For instance, a girl may like to read and another girl may like to wear a lot of makeup. So, how does one answer the question? Thus, it remains a debatable question with countless possible answers.

What Is The Best Way To Impress Any Girl?
For, there are umpteen ways of impressing a girl. However, the basics are that girls usually fall for a person rather than your actions to impress her. Hence, your actions to impress her shall outline the person you are for her. Hence, just be a man who makes an impression rather than trying to impress her. The rest shall definitely follow.
Now, if you want to try and attract her, there are countless ways and different ways will work for different women. Hence, there is no definite answer to this one. While some women fall for the confidence, poise and intelligence of a man, others go after fitness, money, shoes etc. And then there are those who want the best of the best. You never know what kind you will encounter and hence, there cannot be a fixed formula towards impressing a girl.    
Yet, one can zero down on a few basic factors that are more or less common to all women and in case of all the answers, these factors are the undertones. So, if you have your ears perked up, you shall have your answers.

The Basic Minimal!

Women like powerful men, men that have some kind of power are usually considered attractive by a lot of women. It needn’t necessarily be muscles. In fact, men who exert an emotional power are considered to be very attractive as well.   
If you snub the woman, then she is obviously never going to respond to you. If you know that you want her and make an effort towards it, then she is going to respond. If you are not so gung-ho about her, she may never shower a lot of attention on you.   
More importantly, women like trustworthy men. They don’t get impressed by the flirty kinds. If you are honest and reliable with her, she might very well give you a chance.
Thus, these are a few basics that one should keep in mind when impressing a woman. So, a trustworthy and powerful man who is attracted to her is a deal breaker for a woman. Now, how does one put these things across to the woman of interest?


You can’t just turn up and say hi, I am powerful and trustworthy and I like you, can you? That will just turn her off. So, let’s do the practical since we are done with the theory.   
So, for starters, plan your first date really well and ensure that you take her out to something different. It should be a new, exciting and scary venture for her. This will tell her about your fearlessness and keep her on her toes for more action.  
What Is The Best Way To Impress Any Girl?
Also, ensure that the date is never boring. It isn’t easy to keep a date interesting at all times and all the more so if it is a dinner date, but do your best. You can keep switching places or activities or take a walk to keep the momentum.

Have Fun!

Communicate well and go beyond superficiality. Ask questions, answer questions and get to know each other in the real sense of the word. Both of you are bound to feel good about it after the date is done.
Last, but not the least, do not forget to have fun!

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