Using Airdrop: The Hassle Free Method Of Sharing Files Between Macs

Airdrop is turning out to be a star player of Mac operating system these days. The speed, simplicity and efficiency it offers are incredible and incomparable. No password and no setup are required to operate Airdrop, which remains to be one of its leading features. It enables the user to copy files while being distanced about 30 feet away. It does not need a wired connection for the same and also not a Wi-Fi network.  You can work with airdrop wherever you are, on the beach, in the mountains, literally anywhere.

If you have a Wi-Fi access, it is a better case since you can surf the other things while the files are being transferred. In order to send the file to someone, you as well as the recipient have to open the airdrop window. Here, you are provided with an instant choice:

Using Airdrop: The Hassle Free Method Of Sharing Files Between Macs

1. Dragging the file on Airdrop window:

For this purpose, you have to get started by opening the window of airdrop. Reach the airdrop icon for accomplishing the same. It is available in the finder window. Follow this flow; Go > Airdrop.

It is important to note that if airdrop is not visible in your sidebar and you are sure of using Lion or later, then the obvious reason is that someone might have turned off the checkbox in Finder > Preferences> Sidebar. If you hide the airdrop feature in the manner mentioned above; you are not able to use the feature at all. However, the share button can still be used to good effect. We will explain in the following paragraph how to use the share button effectively.

How to Use Airdrop, the Easiest Way to Share Files Between Macs

The window appears that showcases icons for the people who are running wireless Lion of later Mac. The people who have opened the airdrop window are shown the icons. The users are not required to commit anything else as the icons are organized carefully in the Airdrop window. The next step is to drag the file into the intended location of recipient’s airdrop folder. Click on Send when Mac asks you to confirm your sharing.

A message is thus displayed, that reads “The other Mac wants to share XYZ files with you” and you are given three options namely Save and Open, Decline and Save. If one of the person goes for the save option, then the file transfer is facilitated without hassles. While the transfer is in progress, a progress bar is displayed in other person’s icon of the airdrop window. The transfer of the files takes place in encryption and hence, the other hackers are having no clue of what you are transferring to the other Mac. The file appears in the other Mac subsequently.

2. Using the Share Sheet:

There is yet another way to transfer files using Airdrop. You can simply click on the icon of the file that you need to be transferred from your Mac to the other. Thereafter, you need to choose the share option and follow it with clicking on Airdrop command. It is very easy to find the Airdrop command. It is situated literally everywhere in the window. It can be easily found out in the shortcut menu that surges up when you right click on the icon. The menu is situated at the top of the Quick Look window.

How to Use Airdrop, the Easiest Way to Share Files Between Macs

Once the recipient’s icon has been clicked upon and the recipient has shown the green signal for the file sharing by clicking on “Save”, the transfer process starts and the file appears on the recipients Mac without any hassles.

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