Top ten cheapest places to live in world

Below we have lined up the top 10 cheapest places to live in the world that will certainly upgrade your standard of living as money is not at all a big deal here.

1- Dushanbe,  Tajikistan:- This capital city has good access to mountain climbing and biking. Mild winters might help you ease the 40 % hardships. Groceries and housing is extremely affordable here. Here is not at all a special nightlife and expensiveness like other cities across the globe.

Dushanbe,  Tajikistan

2- Kampala, Uganda:- The language English is widely spoken in this city but you can also learn swahili which is the official language of this place. Here, you may find a handful of NGOs and therefore got a accurately developed scenes of architecture. It is an ideal place for activities like rafting the Nile river as well as going on safari and visit chimpanzee sanctuaries.

Kampala, Uganda

3- Tunis, Tunisia:- Olive oil, carpets and the Mediterranean, Yes it is in North America. This place does not have much in the way of beaches, but it do have a lot for Carthage.This is actually a friendly place. But the thing which is bad is ladies cannot go out in bars alone as they may be mistaken as for a prostitute.

Tunis, Tunisia

4- La Paz, Bolivia:- This place has an overall low cost of living index. It is a place to experience the world’s most dangerous roads, the Altiplano and the Southern circuit.

 La Paz, Bolivia

5- Phnom Penh, Cambodia:-  This place has several factors which make it an ideal place to stay and they are warm water, delicious food, friendly people and low cost living. Monsoon and corruption are both drawbacks but the transportation is really affordable.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

6- Colombo, Sri Lanka:- You may is feeling that living on island is really an expensive affair, but Sri Lanka is really an exception in this case. Housing is really affordable and there is an established community. Alcohol is really cheap there, but if you are a drink connusiner, then be careful as hugging and publically kissing is completely unacceptable here in terms of culture.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

7- Bhutan, Thimpu:- This place has some of the cheapest housing and recreation options. To control tourism and protect the environment, this place charges tourists a fee of $2 a day to enjoy Bhutan. Here, you can enjoy mountain biking, rafting, trekking and hot springs.

Bhutan, Thimpu:

8- Tripoli, Libya:- This place is ranked at the number three for having quite low prices on entertainment, housing and recreational activities. This is the largest city in Libya and still is unaffected by mass-tourism. Here, you can enjoy swimming in Mediterranean and can climb standing walls in order to enjoy the city views.

Tripoli, Libya

9- Nuku’ Alofa, Tonga:- It has the cheapest hotels and restaurants on the list. It is small enough to walk around, English is widely spoken in this city. Ready affordable cost of living and an impressive place.

Nuku' Alofa, Tonga

10- Sana’a, Yemen:- It is one of the cheapest place across the globe. Here, you will get cheapest food, furniture, housing, medical care. Really an affordable cost of living, you will get here.

Sana'a, Yemen

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