Top Reasons Why Married Life Scores Over a Single Vagabond life

There are chronicles for both a married person as well as the single person. However, it is often seen that single people try to make fun of the married guys and on the other hand, the married people walk in swagger for having a person they belong to. It depends on how people portray married life and single life. Both have good points as well as the negatives associated with them.

It totally depends on a person how he takes up his married life or the singledom. He can be happy in both the cases without any doubts. The frustration and boredom does not only hit the single people but it may hit the married couples too. So, being single is not a tag of having a boring life. We are our own architects of life and we can mould it the way we want to.

Single people think of themselves to be free spirited, open and adventurous people but all these elements can exist in a married person too. Therefore, it’s not a big thing lagged by the married person when compared to the single man. In fact married men have better advantages to a single person.

It depends on the lifestyle as well as the preferences of a person on how he takes singledom. There were reports recently that many people in a relationship were having a troubled time, however these were the people who were committed to someone without getting married. Things are much easier and cooler when you marry someone. The bond of relationship deepens up with time in a married relationship.

Top Reasons Why Married Life Scores Over a Single Vagabond life

Some people in a relationship without married bond were interviewed and asked about the things that they miss from their singledom. We are now about to tell you some reasons why getting married can prove to be a boon for people.

1. Missing the license to do whatever they want and however they want:

When people in a relationship were interviewed, they insisted that the part which is missed most in their life is the freedom they had. According to them, a married guy would always have ultimatums in terms of checking inside the house. It is not always a necessity and depends on the understanding of the couple. In fact, a married guy checks in the house due to his own interest since the love with his wife is so strong that it magnetizes him to home. It is simply great to do adventures and interesting things with your wife.

2. Missing out on the chance of sleeping around:

Some people that were in a relationship complained about not having a chance to sleep around. This was the major concern among the singles. However, sleeping around while being in a relationship, is ethically as well as rationally incorrect. Loving someone and giving them all your care and affection is a great feeling that only the married couples can have. With marriage comes a big responsibility that is bestowed upon them with time. Responsibilities are mostly responsible for erecting the thought process of a person and it makes them more stable in terms of their career and personal life. The void of sleeping around with random women can be filled with the unconditional love of your wife. When you spread your love to many people, the intensity of it becomes lesser therefore you should be selective and transfer all your love to your wife.

Life is just not about having sex with random people, it has a broader meaning to it. It’s better to have someone you care about and being cared for, rather than going crazy with random people. This state can be achieved only through the bond of marriage and therefore the person should keep his shorts very tight when it comes to relationships and try to tie a knot soon, in order to be stable and apt.

3. Missing out on the opportunity to cry in open:

Majority of the people dating women often complain about not getting chance to cry in open. This is a serious concern and they miss it a lot. However, when you marry someone it does not come with a compulsion that stops you from crying. Crying over something in the lap of your wife can be a terrific experience. It all depends on the understanding between the married couple. If the wife understands emotions of her husband, she can let him cry in her arms. This can prove to be a very healing process and nothing compared to “crying in lonesomeness”. Hence, it is not as important to miss crying out in open since you can share the laughs as well as tears with your wife.

4. Missing out on sleeping alone in the bed:

Sometimes the people in a relationship complain that they heavily miss having the bed for their own self. However, it can be compensated with a cuddle by your wife in the bed and it is quite a big compensation indeed. There is nothing better than sleeping with your wife in the bed while cuddling her. It gives an impression of care for each other. Sleeping alone in the bed can be quite boring sometimes and having a person to share the bed with, is actually something that people envy most of the times. Hence, having a married life usually is nice and refreshing.

5. Miss out on being solitary:

Some people complaint about “not having alone time”. Well, this is a serious concern for the people who like to introspect about the important things in life and it can prove to be annoying. However, if you are married and ask your wife for such a personal time alone, she would definitely agree and respect your concern. Thus, when the relationship is stronger it becomes evident for the people to lead a comfortable life where they have space and time for their own self too.

6. Married life Rocks:

A married life has chronicles. It can be good in some ways and bad too. However the good part dominated the latter. The reasons that we have stated above are enough to prove the efficiency of having a married life and why it rocks in many ways than not. Now, it’s your own decision whether you want to end this lonesome life or tie a knot with someone soon.

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