Top Mixed Bands of 2013 (Part 1)

Music is the life and soul of everyone these days. We need music to wake up, music to dress up, music to work, music to move, music to drive, music to relax, music to study, music to sleep and besides this we want soothing music in a restaurant, jazzed up music in disco, dance music at parties, soft music with our sweethearts, groovy tunes for our routines and so on. The list is endless and so is our craze for music.

Music Bands 2013

All of us already know lots of bands and most of us are avid and inseparable fans of these bands. Every time a new song is released we dash around until we get to bath ourselves in the awesome beats and lucrative music of our favorite artists. And there’s no doubt that lots of top tens or top fives, or my fav bands articles/blogs/pages are already around, but still here’s a further one to the vast collection. The exception here is, we’re going to be listing bands from all around the world which we consider among the top ten including j-pop, k-pop, m-pop, American, English and so on. And only bands are listed here, not solo artists (although we love them as much).

So let’s put of dance-caps on and check out these awesome, totally like-able & so love-able, instantly catchy, wild beats-y, cool and shaky bands out! The top ten bands are not listed in

Linkin Park:

Who hasn’t heard of them? The famous American Rock band, the greatest band of the ‘00s and the winner of two Grammy awards, Linkin Park is the best out there. Their albums have experimental music with different and varying tunes, music and beats.

Linkin Park

Best songs: Numb, In the End, Crawling, Pushing Me Away, New Divide



The j-pop idol group from Japan, Perfume has expanded tremendously in the last five years. Perfume is known all across Asia, and even in Europe and America. They have the best electro/techno-pop music ever with the most rhythm-ized and synchronized choreo ever. Perfume has released songs varying across a lot of genres but still the element of electro-pop is common to all of them. The three of them may not play guitars or drums, but they sing and dance! It’s a great change from the usual routine of the other bands.


Best Songs: Polyrhythm, Spring of life, Spending All my Time, Fake It, Dream Fighter.


Super Juniors:

K-pop Is making a crash and burn impact across the world especially after the release of Psy’s Gangam Style. There are other terrific bands in Korea and everyone must listen to Korean songs at least once in their lifetimes. Super Juniors or SuJu or SJ are extremely popular in Korea, China, Japan and even the rest of Asia and parts of Europe. Their songs are extremely wild and quite reminiscent of today’s fashion and icon style. SJ is credited with reviving the Korean Hallyu effect and Mexico’s TV Azteca and the United Kingdom’s BBC acknowledged Super Junior to be the leading icon of the Hallyu effect. Despite being a Korean band, they have huge fans all across the world unparalleled to any other fanbase. Their songs are so dance-y and catchy, they are a must listen.

Super Juniors

Best Songs: Sorry, Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple, Sexy, Free & Single


One Direction:

The fresh and new faces of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson makes up for another great band formed in 2010. Although they are all young and relatively new in the music industry, One Direction has already hit I t big time and already generated several hit singles, not to mention have amassed quite many loyal fans via social media.

One Direction

Best Songs: What Makes You Beautiful, Live While We’re Young


Green Day:

This band is so popular and an obvious contestant of this list, we almost forgot to write about them. An American punk rock band formed in 1987, they are active even now, and their popularity hasn’t decreased one shred. On the contrary they have now gained new fans and followers and broken new records and generated even more hit singles. Green Day is a legend among the legends of music. Not one person who has even a tiny interest in music would have missed their name. Billie Joe Armstrong is the coolest of all musicians (ok, I‘m biased). This may not be true, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the most powerful band out there and winner of 5 Grammy Awards.

Green Day

Best Songs: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake Me Up When September Ends, When I Come Around


We are already down to five of our favorite bands, and the rest five would be continued in our next article. Till then, do tune in to these awesome bands and enjoy music at its very best.

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