Top J-pop (Japanese pop) PERFUME Songs

J-pop stand for Japanese pop, which is a musical genre of Japan, that started around the 1990’s. It is an integral part of Japanese popular culture, being found in anime, commercials, movies, TV shows, and video games and other forms of Japanese entertainment. J-pop has fans worldwide through video games and animes. Perfume is a three member girl band from Japan, who has gained wide popularity and an extremely large fan base.  They specialize in electro/techno-pop & incorporating Auto-Tune, vocoders and electro house.

On Februrary 28 in 2010, they transferred to Universal Music Japan to start working overseas. They released their album, JPN, on iTunes in 50 countries. In 2013, they held their first tour outside of Japan, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South  Korea and Singapore. As is apparent, Perfume is gaining international fame. This is quite obvious because all of Perfume’s songs are extremely catchy, having lovely lyrics and are beautifully done. Also, their songs are quite upbeat, and you wouldn’t want to stop listening to their tunes. Rather, you would want to get up and dance along with it. Fortunately, Perfume has released all their songs with choreography. Their steps are one of the best, and really addictive. This is another reason why they are so popular. Their dances are as if they have painted the flow of their songs in it.

Let us discuss some of the latest popular Perfume’s songs. Perfume has released many songs in Japanese, all of which are totally superb, so it’s hard to choose the top ten songs. But here’s an attempt to at least discuss the very very very best of their songs.

Fushizen na Girl : This song literally translates to Artificial Girl. This song has a great 80’s vibe, sort of soft but with a catchy beat to it. The choreography for the chorus part is just plain stunning! Just like the lyric goes ‘Stop a moment, can’t stop loving you’, you can’t stop loving this song. The PV is awesome, with their cute red dresses and the enjoyable choreography.

Fushizen na Girl

Spice : This song is about being spiced up the unexpected. It’s a diversion from their normal songs and is really fresh and exhilarating to listen to. Again, the choreography is quite awesome and goes insanely with the flow of the song. It’s like the natural moves to follow while listening to this song. The PV is really interesting and sort of reminds one of Alice in Wonderland. Quite a pretty mash of colors & dresses.

spice perfume

Hurly Burly : It’s a pop party-dance song mix. Again, another extremely upbeat and energetic song with lots of glamorous dance steps. The choreography does justice to the song by providing quite enjoyable moves to this energetic song. It does not have a PV, but its live performances are totally entertaining.

hurly burly perfume

Nee : The best foot-work dance ever to be created! Noone can beat their foot-work dance step in Nee. The music is in tune with their electro pop theme, and the dance is very fun and tempting. The PV itself takes a new perspective, with the girls wearing beautiful winter dresses, and the video showing multiple instances of them. As already mentioned, the best part is the foot-work dance and the music accompanying it. It’s a must watch for Perfume fans and anyone else interested in dancing.

Nee perfume

Fake It : This song was released earlier as a side to their One Room Disco song. But it gained major views only after the release of it’s PV last year. It’s a very beautiful song, with a soft and gentle tune to it. Still again, it has an extremely addicting beat to it, and the chorus is just splendid. The dance is simple and delicate, but the chorus part just makes you want to get up and start throwing yourself to the music along with their dance steps. The PV showcases them beautifully, and manages to capture the gentleness of the song.

fake it perfume

Spring Of Life : This was their first song released worldwide on iTunes. It has lots of English phrases, but the best part is, it gives of a dance/party vibes all through it, but with a mix of techno-ishness to it. It’s one of their best songs, and really really addictive too. It has a vibrant and loveable choreography to go along with the infectious music. The PV shows the girls as robots with some pretty robot moves in pretty white dresses.

Spring Of Life

Spending All My Time : This song wins the choreography battle hands down!!! No other dance can beat what they have come up with. It’s a very simple and plain dance, but one look at it and you will understand it’s greatness and be instantly hooked. Plus for a song that has only 3-4 lines of lyrics with constant repeat, it has set quite a record. It does not monotonous or boring at all. In fact, the more you listen to the amazing repetitive phrases, the more hooked you get. The PV again shows an awesome concept, with the girls having psychic powers. But the proper choreography is captured in their live performances, and not in the PV.

Spending All My Time

Whether you are into j-pop or animes or pop songs, or just plain music, you should try out their songs. Plus, dance lovers must give them a shot too. Their breakthrough song, ‘Polyrhythm’ is still one of the best songs ever. No matter your tastes, you are going to love at least a few of their songs. The girls are vibrant and energetic, with an air of innocence and glamour to them. No one can help but love these girls and their songs. The member names are A-chan, Kashiyuka & Nocchi. I hope you enjoy their songs as much as everyone does.

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