Top Five WWE Superstars of all Time

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE is the largest as well as the oldest American professional wrestling company in the world. It contains each and everything that a professional wrestler would want; money, fame, respect, honor, glamour. This is the reason every wrestler wants to be a part of WWE. Talking about the current time, its standards are as high as the sky. According to Wikipedia – “reaching around 13 million viewers in U.S and broadcasting its shows to more than 145 countries”.

This great company produces some great professional stars or wrestlers of all times. Here we are going to list some of them.

1) John Cena

John Cena is one of the greatest WWE superstars of modern era. He is the face of WWE. John Cena was born on 23 April 1977 in west Newbury; the full name of John Cena is John Felix Anthony Cena. John Cena made his debut in WWE in 2000. All and all Cena won 20 championships till now which includes 11 times WWE championship, 2 times world heavyweight championship, 3 times united state championship and 4 time tag team championship. He is also 2 time Royal Rumble winner and 1 time money in the bank winner. John Cena is once in a life time wrestler of WWE. Every WWE superstars have their own moves, submission maneuvers and catch phases. The catch phrases of Cena are “never give up”, “you and me”, “hustle loyalty respect”. John Cena’s finishing move is famous by the name “attitude adjustment” and submission maneuverer is “STF”. Besides wrestling, Cena has a great impact in Hollywood too, with some of his movies released being: The marine, 12 round, Fred the movie, The reunion.

John Cena

2) The Rock

The rock is one of the greatest superstars of all time, be it as an actor or a wrestler. He is the most electrifying man in all of the entertainment media. Birth name of the rock is Dwayne Douglas Johnson and he was born on 2 may 1972. Earlier he was a football player in university of Miami’s national champion team. He got inspiration for WWE from his grandfather Peter Maivia and from his father Rocky Maivia. The rock made his debut in 1996 and as of now, he holds the record for winning 17 championships. His career in WWE is from 1996 to 2004. With the increasing popularity, Rock is moving more and more towards Hollywood. Some of his successful movies are The rundown, fast & furious, Fast five, Fast, Doom. In his WWE carrier Rock was 10 times World heavyweight champion, 2times WCW champion, 2times intercontinental champion and 5times tag team champion. He is also the winner of 2000 Royal Rumble. Catch phrases of rock are “Just bring it” and “If you smell what is cooking”. His finishing move is “Rock bottom”.

the rock

3) The Undertaker

The Undertaker is the most dangerous and constant performer WWE ever had. The birth name of Undertaker is Mark William Calaway and was born on mar 25 1965. The Undertaker is also famous by the name of “Dead man” right after he made his debut in WWE in 1990. The Undertaker is the only superstar in the history of WWE who holds the longest running streak of 21-0. The Undertaker is undefeated in 21 WrestleMania with no participation in WrestleMania 10. In his WWE career Undertaker won 8 world championships, 7 tag team championships, 6 times WWF tag team championships, and was the winner of 2007 Royal Rumble. After making such a great impact on WWE Undertaker was given various nick names such as “The Phantom”, “The Dead man”, “The lord of darkness” etc. Signature moves of Undertaker are “choke slam”, “tombstone pile driver” and finally most dangerous submission move “The triangle lock”.

The Undertaker

4) Triple H

Triple H is another big name in WWE history. He is credited with being one of the most innovative and most dangerous superstars in WWE. The abbreviation of his name is “Hunter Hearst Helmsley” but his birth name is “Paul Michael Lévesque” and was born on July 27 1969. Triple H is the founder of D-Generatin X(DX) and “Evolution” reformed version of (DX) with Shawn Michaels. Triple H made his debut in WWE in 1992. After some time Triple H married Stephanie McMahon who is the daughter of Vince McMahon who is the owner of WWE. Over all Triple H won 23 championships in his WWE career in which he became 13 times world champion, 8 times WWE champion, 4times world heavyweight champion, and also won 1997 “king of the ring” and 1time winner of 2002 Royal Rumble. The full name of Triple H in WWE is “The Game Triple H”. Finishing moves of Triple H are “Inverted Indian Death lock” and the “Pedigree”.

Triple H

5) Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold is one of the most successful wrestlers of all times. He was the most stunning superstar of his era. Birth name of Stone Cold is “Steven James Anderson” and was born on Dec 18 1964 in victoria Texas. Stone Cold made his debut in 1989. Stone Cold won 25 championships in his WWE career in which 6 times he was the WWE champion and fifth Triple Crown champion. Stone Cold is also the winner of 2001 Royal Rumble and 1996 king of the ring winner. Stone Cold has the largest fan club and is famous for his beer drinking style. After his fabled WWE career Stone Cold retired on March 30 2003. Signature moves of Stone Cold are “Stone Cold Stunner” and “Stun Gun”.  Because of his popularity in WWE Stone Cold has received several nick names such as “Stunning Steve Austin”, “The Texas Rattle Snake”, “Ass kicking machine” and such.

Stone Cold Steve Austin


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