Top 8 Favorite Female Superheroes From DC

While we have revered superheroes like He-man, batman, superman, iron man etc. we have often ignored the heroines. Catwoman, wonder woman and super girl are equally thrilling and exciting. These girls are no less than their superheroes and are incredibly hot and sexy. Here is a list of 8 favourite female superheroes from DC

Top 8 Favorite Female Superheroes From DC


1 . Catwoman

She’ll whip you in the dark.


2. Batgirl

Fierce, Independent and her own woman who took the streets by storm in the dark


3. Raven 

The best controlled flight ever!
Raven Supergirl


4. Harley Quinn 

Insanely Intelligent!
Harley Quinn


5. Super girl

If we love superman, we love super girl a lot more!

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Super girl


6. Talia al Ghul

The best and the most intelligent Bruce Girl ever!
Talia al Ghul


7. Wonder Woman 

Need we say more? She’s enough of a wonder in herself!
Wonder Woman


8. Poison Ivy 

Slow death in green!
Poison Ivy

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