Top 5 Reasons You Should Hate Samsung Galaxy S5 For

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most anticipated gadgets to feature in the market, thanks to the super popularity of its predecessors. The South Korean phone maker has been instrumental in commanding success at the market and it has been capitalizing on the popularity of its Galaxy brand very well. This is the reason why the developer keeps launching one device after the other in the “Galaxy” brandname.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a burden of expectations riding on its back and hence, it is under a deep pressure from the critics as well as the experts. Everyone is of the view that too many expectations would only result in a disappointment for the fans.  To even come closer to the legacy set out by Samsung Galaxy S4, the new version will have to be extraordinary to say the least but the features that have been leaked are not promising by a single count.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Here are some of the major flaws noticed in the new Samsung Galaxy S5:

1. It is not as cool as its predecessor:

When compared to Samsung Galaxy S4, the new version is not so cool. Another fact that adds to the poor credibility of S5 is that everyone possesses a Galaxy phone now and it is not cool anymore to vouch a Galaxy handset. When something goes in abundance, the importance of that thing goes for a toss and the same is happening with Samsung Galaxy S5 this time around.

2. It has way too many innovative technologies:

Innovations are always welcomed by the fans but too many innovations will make the people drag away from the phone. Most of the technologies will not even be used by the customers and in this way, they will only bog down the memory of the phone rather than enriching the lives of the users.

3. It oozes cheapness:

Although, Samsung Galaxy S5 is an expensive phone, it still does not look like a premium smartphone. The chrome body accompanied with a plastic and fake leather makes the phone look like a fake Chinese handset. The shape of the phone is also very unplanned which makes it less appealing. The reason why developers selected plastic was that it costs less.

4. It is taller, wider and heavier than the usual smartphones:

This is one of the main reasons why Samsung Galaxy S5 sucks. Its design is totally unplanned and it leads the phone to become taller, wider as well as heavier than the other premium devices in the market. If we compare S5 to the legendary Samsung Galaxy S4, the latter scores heavily in all the compartments of looks.

5. Touchwiz :

This is one of the most weird things that have surfaced in Galaxy S5. The ugly and inefficient characteristic of Touchwiz makes Samsung Galaxy S5 way too cheap.  Touchwiz forms the most important reason why you should not buy a Samsung Galaxy S5. The people who have experienced it, speak volumes out on their misery.

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