Top 5 Highest Paid Sportsmen in the World

Sportsmen are an inspirational source for many of the athletes all around the world. They not only set standards with the help of their impeccable game but also make unbelievable amount of money with the help of endorsements, the playing fees and the other ventures. The whole world follows these athletes and this is why they get really fat checks when it comes to their salary. The sportsmen who possess great body and looks also land important contracts from the biggies of the industry. The life of such sportsmen is much sorted and they really do not have to struggle as far as their financial condition is concerned.

There are an ample of sportsmen who never thought they would be making millions in the peak of their career. Many of them rose up from a very hard family background but it was the result of their patience, hard work, diligence and perseverance that they are now the number one sportsmen in terms of financial condition. These sportsmen are celebrated by the people around the world and sometimes considered to be no lesser than Gods. It is their game that attracts the audience and many of them pay fortunes to see them play on the field.

Let’s discuss the top 5 highest paid sportsmen in the world:

1. Floyd Mayweather:

Floyd Mayweather

This athlete needs no introduction as he is the top paid sportsman in the world earning a check of 65 million dollars per annum. The world of boxing revolves around him as he is yet to be defeated in the ring. The legacy of this boxer will surely be remembered by people for the next few generations. He is one of the most reputed boxers that have ever featured in the ring. His earnings are majorly coming from the ring and not from advertisements and endorsements. The principles of this boxer set him apart from the others in the sport.

2. Manny Pacquaio:

Manny Pacquaio

Manny is gaining huge popularity in the boxing scene now as he shocked people with his incredible skills when he arrived at the scene. His possesses a lot of stamina and agility when it comes to performance in the ring.  The salary of this boxer is calculated to be 61 million USD per year. It is due to his determination and ability that he has come in norms of the most popular boxers of the world and it has lifted him in the sport to become one of the top paid sportsmen. A lot of big brands have signed him as the brand ambassador for promotion.

3. Tiger Woods:

Tiger Woods

After going through a very rough passage in life, Tiger Woods has again hit the ground with incredible performance. His salary check is estimated to be 59.4 million dollars per year and the legacy of this golfer remains after the cheating allegations. He has totally recovered from the problems that he faced in the life and now in a very healthy state.

4. Lebron James:

Lebron James

The NBA star Lebron James is a celeb in the US. His powerful technique while playing for his team in NBA makes him a tough player to beat for the opponents.  The supreme dunking ability of this NBA star attracts huge crowds at the arena to view his game. The average salary that he takes home is 53 million dollars per year. The sponsorship deals of Lebron James also help him claim a top spot in terms of earnings.

5. Roger Federer:

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a legend of Tennis. He has won the most number of grand slams in his career and remained at the top spot for nearly 5 years in a row. Before the Djokovic, Nadal generation, Roger had ruled the court with swagger. He is the frontal face of Rado and takes home a hefty check worth 45 million dollars. He does a lot of charity too and is one of the most loved personalities in the world of tennis. His following is not only confined to the Switzerland but it longs to the nations such as China and Australia as well. He attracts huge amount of crowds whenever and wherever he plays in the world.

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