Top 5 Free Music Players for Android Phone

Music heals the bad mood of any person. It is a necessary component in a person’s life. With the smartphones, pitching a rise in the current market scenario, the demand for good music players has arisen increasingly.

Here is the list of top 5 free music players for android phone available in the market:

1. JRT Studio

JRT Studio is one of the most fascinating music player apps that run on Android 1.6 and higher platforms. It is a gingerbread 2.3 music app. However, not every phone comes with this player already installed. The interface of the music player is extremely innovative and appealing. Moreover, this music player is absolutely free of cost. Although it’s free of cost, no compromises have been made on the grounds of its features. The newest music player of JRT studio, Rocket Player comes with a built in equalizer, genre view, lock screen support and much more. Some of the unique features available with this music player are just impeccable. (Install It From Google Play)

JRT Studio

2. Winamp:

Winamp is undoubtedly the oldest and the most recognized music players that have evolved over the years. The user is able to play, manage and synchronize the music from PC to the android mobile. Winamp for Android device enables the user to access a proper music management solution. It allows the user to import iTunes and have an access to many internet radio stations.  Because of its incomparable features and performance on the android device, Winamp finds the second place in our list of top android music players. (Install It From Google Play)


3. Double Twist music player:

The users who are tired of using various apps in order to listen to radio, podcast and music must download doubleTwist Music player to get all of the fun under the same app. Over 14 million songs are present in this app which the user can enjoy seamlessly. Using this music player, the person is able to download high quality album artwork. It adds more value to the music streaming. Smart playlists enable the user to access top rated and most played songs at ease. Above all, the double twist music player for android is absolutely free. (Install It From Google Play)

doubleTwist Music Player

4. N7 Music player:

The graphical experience of this music player is juts astonishing. It does not rely on Android media scanner and instead possesses its own music library from which the user can choose the songs to play. This music player is available only on android devices and specially tailored for the android users.  An incredible feature of this phone is that it lets the user to zoom in and out off the music and he can also view the music from several different angles. The cover art present in n7player 2.0 is quite appealing and unique. The easy to use interface enables the users to make prompt selection of the songs they want to play. (Install It From Google Play)

n7player Music Player

5. PlayerPro Music Player:

The PlayerPro music player has always been counted in the top 5 android music players available in the market. It comes with advanced music and video player for android 2.0 devices. It features a very interactive and beautiful interface that offer Free Plugins to complement the music listening. It offers unlimited features to the user even in the trial period. For many reasons, it is one of the best android music players available in the market. (Install It From Google Play)

PlayerPro Music Player

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