Top 5 Best Rated Android Apps To Boost Device Volume

Android is a largely used operating system. In fact, Android is used more often than any other operating system. Samsung phones with the Android OS on them sell like hot cakes. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a single gadget with the android OS on it. Thus, the OS is definitely the thing as of today. However, it is cluttered with so many apps that the android market has a mind-boggling effect on the user.

However, countless android based cheap phones are also available in the market.  A lot of times, these phones do not have a very good sound system and hence, it is difficult to hear clearly with these phones. Here are top Android apps that will help you boost your device’s volume –


1. Music Volume EQ (Download App)

Music Volume EQ

One would fall short of words for this ultra amazing app. It adds immensely to your sound system and it definitely leaves you appalled. Quite a few android users have installed this app on their phone. The app is believed to have had a million downloads in the first month itself. The app is available on the play store like all other android apps. You can definitely go ahead and take a look at the app in the android market. The app comes with the following features –

– An explicable increase in the volume
– Live music stereos
– LED VU meter
– 5 band equalizer
– Bass
– Virtualizer

Thus, if you wish to improve the sound quality, the app is one of your best bets. It will also read out your volume levels to you if you don’t wish to reach into your pockets and dish out your phone just to check the level of volume. It is suggested that one use this app along with headphones rather than without for better effect.

The app has some excellent add-ons such as, it gives the user the power to control the volume. Its equalizer is praiseworthy. You can boost the bass for maximum effect; the same applies to the visualizer and the equalizer.  You can customize the app to your liking and also create a widget on either the home screen or the lock screen. Lastly and most importantly, you can change the media volume even while your phone is locked.

2. Bass Booster (Download App)

Bass Booster

It is hard to describe such an amazing app in words. It leaves an impact upon you once you have downloaded this app. It is definitely made with care for those who love music. It is user friendly and free of complications. Its features are one of a kind too. As the name suggests, it obviously comes with a bass booster. Its band equalizer has about 5 to 6 bands depending upon the phone and it comes with about 20 presets. Also, you can customize from the 20 presets as per your liking. The app sends vibes of immense professionalism with its tiny widget and unlimited options. There is a pro version of the app too which is probably a paid one and comes with better features.

3. Ultimate Volume Booster (Download App)

Ultimate Volume Booster

It is a very plaintive yet a very useful app. If you wish to increase the volume of your phone, then all you have to do is tap. It increases the volume of your device by about 30-40%. Thus, you can easily increase the sound of your android phone. It will increase the volume not just for multimedia but also for other sounds such as alarm, notification etc. Also, the controls are automated and not manual. It works both with and without headphones.

4. Volume Booster (Download App)

Volume Booster

It isn’t one of the best apps in the market but is definitely one of the most feasible ones. You will see an approximate of 40% improvement in the volume of your device upon using this app. However, the percentage of improvement will largely depend on the quality of your device. It is very easy to use this app. All you have to do is tap it and it’ll generate an all new sound setting. However, the improvement in sound with the help of this app is indeed credible. You can work it both, with and without speakers. Except for the media player, it improves the sound of the –

– Ringer
– Alarm
– Call

The app will not cause any harm to your phone and is free of viruses and hence, you can safely download it for trial. A small downside is that it comes with a few ads and a disclaimer about the ads. Apparently, it is an ad supported app and hence, the user has no option but to put up with the ads.

5. Equaliser and Bass Booster (Download App)

Equaliser and Bass Booster

This one is an extremely detailed app. It has the following features that help in considerably improving the sound of your device –

– Virtualizer
– Equaliser
– Bass

Thus, your device starts to sound awesome after you have implemented this app. It gives you a lot of returns such as increasing or decreasing the volume while music is still on, 5 bands on its equalizer, boosting the bass for maximum effects. The VU meter and the visualizer effects are equally benumbing.

So, customize the sound on your phone as per your liking and you will be more than happy with the audio quality. The app works better with the headphones and is loaded with quite a few features.

It has about 10 presets apart from its other qualities and lets you control the volume. Its VU meter stereo is an LED one. It is compatible with most of the media players and hence, the user doesn’t have a lot to worry about. It is as easy to use as it is to install i.e. to say that it is a completely hassle-free app.

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