Top 15 WordPress Free Themes For Your Website

Theme is actually an influential part of a website or blog. Some people focus on the speed of a website while others focus on design and SEO. Below I have lined up best top  15 free WordPress themes for your website or blog in order to make it more alluring, attractive and beautiful.
1- Azsimple:- The name itself shows the simplicity and beauty of its theme. This theme do have options to customize header, advertising, social profiles, automatic generation of thumbnails and for other posts. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Azsimple wordpress theme
2- Yaminth :- Its an another theme with light and beautiful colors. This theme utilize Google web fonts in order to get fade effects in pictures. It do have advertising tab on header and widget. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Yaminth wordpress theme
3- Koresponsive:- This is the free wordpress theme which do have responsive designs. This theme do have mobile friendly layout too and moreover, it is valid for HTML5 Markup and it not even forced on placing links in footer. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Koresponsive wordpress theme
4- Great:- It is actually a magazine style WordPress theme which have n number of incredible features and options to alter. It is actually a well created and a beautiful theme by mythemeshop. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Great mythemeshop wordpress theme
5- Ribbon:- Its an another magazine style wordpress theme which too has been arised from mythemeshop with light colored effects. This theme is actually suitable or an ideal option for bloggers. It do have options of changing colors and one can also put adds and many more. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Ribbon wordpress theme
6- Art Devil:- This beautiful and well designed theme has been launched by smthemes. It do have larger slider with descriptions and can make any website even more attractive and beautiful. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Art Devil Theme
7- Bloggie:- Its a free website theme who do have premium features and designs. It has been specifically designed for bloggers. It supports HTML5 and put its great to make a blog look highly beautiful. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Bloggie WordPress Theme
8- Esplanade:- It is a free and a stylish wordpress theme which do have responsive designs. It also have slider with descriptions and can add a grace and an alluring effect to the website. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Esplanade WordPress Theme
9- Workality:- It is a fully responsive them which is ideal for blogs, websites and portfolio websites. It do have a professional appearance and is perfect for business professionals and creative people. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Workality WordPress Theme
10- Busby:- Its the one wordpress theme which build up themes framework. This theme is best suitable for personal blogging and websites. Its black and white color gives it more attention and attraction. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Busby WordPress Theme
11- Origin:- Its a light colored and  a simple theme which actually is ideal for professional and creative bloggers.The best part is that this theme is compatible to latest mobile devices as well. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Origin WordPress Theme
12- Adelle:- Its a special and highly beautiful theme for female bloggers or website holders. This theme got pink pattern background which looks quite simple and attractive. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Adelle WordPress Theme
13- Polar media:- This theme is quite simple and is an ideal option for news sites and personal blogs.Moreover, this theme is little bit  different from another themes. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Polar media WordPress Theme
14- Imbalance 2:- It is really a special, beautiful and an attractive wordpress theme which is an excellent option for magazines and blogs. This theme utilizes ajax to load even more posts. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Imbalance 2 WordPress Theme
15- Sight:- This wordpress theme is simple, fast and search engine optimized and ensure to make your website as that of your desires . This theme can make any simple website an alluring and a beautiful one. (Click Here For Live Demo)
Sight WordPress Theme

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