Top 10 Video Players To Watch High Quality Movies And Videos

As the technology keeps on advancing day by day, so do the ways of watching videos/movies also expanding day by day. Before we used to watch movies on TV or Cinemas only, but now can watch videos/movies on our computers also. In computers we used many different Players for watching videos at its best quality and for the best quality we do search the best Video Players which can play maximum numbers of video files formats. As there are many different types of video formats available on Internet. We can also watch online movies or clips on Video Players having ability to play online videos also. These days there are so many of video players available having ability to play many different files format. But we all go hunt for the best only. The one which is fast, excellent quality, high graphics, great audio quality, best screen resolution functions and having the ability to play maximum numbers of file formats becomes the top best video player of all. There are hundreds of file formats such as AVI, WMV, MOV, DAT, MKV, 3GP, FLV files and many more. Some Players are complicated to use while watching movie but some are very user friendly that one can easily control all the functions while watching movie. We also do have phones in which we can watch movies/videos for that we also need video players to play. So in mobile phones also we used player who can be useful for all formats and should have better streaming option for online watch.

Following are some of the most popular Video Players of all time categorized in numbers by their performances:

1) VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

2) Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

3) KM Player

KM Player

4) GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player

5) UMPlayer


6) SMPlayer


7) Real Player

Real Player

8) Media Jukebox

Media Jukebox

9) DivX Plus Software

DivX Plus Software

10) iTunes


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