It is indeed difficult to rate the top 10 video games of all time. For, each game seems to have more fan-boys than one can imagine and each game is more likable than the other. Moreover, there are PC games, console games, Nintendo games and more and it isn’t easy to pick out the best of the lot. Thus, these are the 10 topmost video games of all times! Of course, some like Dota 2, Batman Akraham Origin.

Top 10 Video Games of All Time


1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – PlayStation 3

If you are a fan of action and adventure, then this is the one for you. If you like compelling visuals, then this is ‘the’ thing for you. After all, what’s better than an entire story unfolding on the train? Its main lead Nathan Drake will make you feel like true hero. He will perform action sequences and kill villains, the villains are Indiana Jones cool and hence, the game makes a ferocious entry announcing that it is here to stay. What’s more, it has a substantial story and character with substance as well which makes is an unavoidable and complete package.


2. Grand Theft Auto IV – PlayStation 3

The GTA has been a game changer right since its inception. It created a new future for the gaming industry. While it had a great graphics and amazing cars, GTA IV also came up with a great story changing the gaming industry for good. You will not only enjoy accomplishing the requisite missions in the game, you will also enjoy going through the numerous fun stuff such as flicking off a car, dating etc. that is associated with the game


3. Heavy Rain – Play Station 3

The game has excellent graphics and is totally meant for you if you like mysteries and thrillers. The crux of the game is that one has to save a child from someone who is into serial killing. You are going to be engrossed in this game like never before. Moreover, the game lets you be 4 people and each of these 4 have different characteristics. Thus, it is real fun to pay each of these characters. Scott Shelby stands out as a favourite with different kinds of feelings for everyone involved. You have to try and solve the mystery of who actually is the serial killer and this one isn’t half as similar to a regular luxury game.


4. Red Dead Redemption – PlayStation 3

Love cowboys? Then this game is for you. It is going to give the feel-s of an extremely badass western cowboy from Spaghetti. John Marston, the lead cowboy, is a critically acclaimed videogame character. He is one of the best examples of an outlaw and you bet! He has his own code! As you go on travelling from America towards Mexico, you keep on discovering legendary aspects of the character thus living and feeling the thrill yourself. Not just John but all other characters in the video game have shades you would want to explore in-depth. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to be pursuing your goals, you can go around the game world and have fun there too.


5. The Last of Us – PlayStation 3

While movies and serials have often tried to capture how it might be like to live in a apocalyptic world, this game beats them in a blink. It gives you a realistic feel of survival in such world and you often come alive through it. Since there are a large number of humans that you need to fight, you will have to chart a plan upon how you are going to take them all. Yet, in spite of the plan, it might come to a bloodshed using hands. However, apart from humans, it is most enthralling to fight monsters. These monsters with an eerie resemblance to human beings come to light only when they attack you. Some of the monsters look like a fungus and they know you are approaching only if they hear you. These monsters are nearly as dangerous as their human counterparts. The great thing about it all is the story as well as the gaming feel. It is really going to make you feel the game.  


6. Batman: Arkham City – PlayStation 3

GTA V is an extremely crazy game and it will literally make you go wild. Rockstar continually keeps its reputation of being one of the most wonderful gaming companies ever. It allows you to play 3 different characters and each character is a classic revelation. Trevor has been a favourite with one and all. Other than the characters, the heists are equally fun. Thus, on an overall basis, the game is a thrilling one. Moreover, if you’ve nothing to do, you can just hang around the game world.


8. The Darkness – Xbox 360

This is a single player game and is a whole lot of fun. It is shrouded in weirdness and mystery with outlandish ideas of power. It adds to the thrill and the fantasy. You feel amazingly placed out of context of the real world in this game. You go through tentacles and black holes just to combat enemies and machines as powerful as guns can do nothing to you. The realisation that the real world is no different is when you fall in love with the game. Jackie, the game’s character is an equally adorable character you’d totally fall in love with.


9. Beyond Good & Evil – PlayStation 2

This is a short and sweet game with a really great story. It matches with the real world situation to quite an extent. You are an undercover agent and are fighting against an extremely oppressive government. You are all deeply into collecting evidence and sneaking bases and facilities for your people. If you want to feel important then this game is for you. Moreover, the graphics of this game are beyond beautiful and the characters are refreshingly original. Moreover, you share a rapport with your friends which is extraordinary. One of the things that sticks with the players is the lead character Jade. Not only that, the game also has a female lead. You can play this game in HD on quite a few devices.


10. Psychonauts – Xbox

This is a funny game and will tickle your funny bone a lot. Things will get weirder than ever as the game goes on. However, the game is refreshingly original and one actually plays through the minds of the characters. It is weird, funny and intellectual to enter into a character’s brain and figure out what is making them tick.

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