Top 10 The Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

Today times have changed to an extent that people today cannot even imagine their lives without the gadgets like mobile phones. No matter whether you are using a cellular phone, hand phone or smart phone, it has certainly become an influential part of our lives. A lot of other gadgets are no longer in use now with the existence of these mobile phones. But on the same side, if they got innovative features then they are quite expensive too. Here below mentioned are the top 10 most expensive mobile phones:-

Expensive Mobile Phones

1. Stuart Hughes iPhone Diamond Rose Edition:- It is fully loaded with incredible features of iPhone which we all just loved. Moreover, it is embedded with beautiful diamonds that weigh near about 100 carats. In between the 53 or 54 diamonds, the Apple logo has been encrusted. The most incredible thing is the 7.4 carat pink color diamond serves the task of the home button which is truly remarkable. (Checkout Snapshots)

2. Peter Allison Kings Button iPhone:- As we all know that Peter Allison is a renowned and an acclaimed jewelry designer in Australia. This iPhone includes 153 diamonds on its body and a 6.6 carat diamond serves as a home button which certainly increases the class and value of phone and you too. (Checkout Snapshots)

3. Stuart Hughes Goldstriker iPhone:- This incredible iPhone designed by Stuart Hughes is made of solid and real gold. The people behind this ultimate and superb goldstriker is Stuart Hughes and his partner named Jo Emma. This phone is loaded with near about 200 diamonds. At the bask, there are 53 gems encrusted and a diamond weighs 7.1 carat covers the home button. (Checkout Snapshots)

4. JSC Ancort’s Diamond crypto:- JSC Ancort is basically a Russia based company which have developed this smart phone which is based or runs on Windows CE. This smart phone is embedded with 50 diamonds. That company named it Crypto as it includes a powerful encryption technology. Peter Alloison was the designer behind this smart phone. (Checkout Snapshots)

5. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:- Gresso got a renowned name as he creates or design luxury communication gadgets. It got its frame made of real gold and the panel at the back is made of African wood which is the most expensive wood across the globe. There are black diamonds encrusted on this phone and the keys are made of sapphire crystal. (Checkout Snapshots)

6. Goldvish Le Million:-  Goldvish is a top manufacturer of cellular phones in Switzerland. This company is the creator of Le Million. It is made of real gold and is embedded with real diamonds. (Checkout Snapshots)

7. Vertu Signature Cobra:- A very famous French jewelry designer has desired this iPhone. Its innovative features have made it a true or a real limited edition. A couple of diamonds, emeralds and rubies are encrusted on them in order to make it look like a real cobra. (Checkout Snapshots)

8. Peter Allison Nokia Arte:- The innovative features of this smart phone have made it a choice of everyone. The 3.15 mega pixel camera with auto focus, music player, video recorder and ultimate Bluetooth technology. The designer of this smart phone has enhance its value by adding near about 680 diamonds and the phone itself has been made with real white gold. (Checkout Snapshots)

9. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond:- Jaren Goh, a famous and a renowned industrial designer based in Singapore has created this ultimate and trendy concept. It got an ultimate mirror finish, organic light emitting technology and these all are the features that provides a clear appearance. (Checkout Snapshots)

10. Ulysse Nardin’s The Chairman:- Ulysee Nardin, a famous watches manufacturer in Switzerland. This mart phone includes both touch screen and physical number pad. Volume buttons are designed in way like the  buttons of expensive and trendy watches. The unique feature of this phone is some crown based in between the volume buttons which do has capacity to generate power for the house. (Checkout Snapshots)

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