Top 10 Sportsmen The World Has Ever Produced

There have been several iconic names that are synonymous to the sports success, but there are only a few people that revolutionized the sporting world with their performances. These were regular people from the crowd that came forward and gave some unforgettable performances to ignite the sports world. Now, these people are considered no less than legends. Only a few people possess this excellence and provide some breath-taking services for their country. Here is the list of top 10 sportsmen that the world has ever produced:

1. Michael Jordan:

Basketball in the 90’s was often recognized by the iconic picture of Michael Jordan flying and dunking the ball in the basket. He is undoubtedly the best basketball player that the world has ever produced. He was athletically very sound and only a few athletes could match his skills. The agility in his movements and strength in his passing was incomparable. The attributes possessed by Michael Jordan were unprecedented and he used them brilliantly in his game. He is acclaimed by most of the sport experts to be the best athlete that ever existed.

Michael Jordan

2. Usain Bolt:

Usain Bolt does not need any introduction. He is known to be the fastest man alive on the planet. He has set the record for 200 m in many events and now he rules in 100m events too. He is constantly breaking his own records in order to set the new milestones. Many experts feel that there has never been as good athlete as Usain Bolt in the world. He has a great number of fans all around the globe and continues to enjoy tremendous popularity among the masses. Bolt is number 1 when it comes to race tracks.

Usain Bolt

3. Imran Khan:

When we talk about sporting legends, the name of this man cannot be ignored. He is simply the mascot of cricket. It was his efforts that Pakistan could even dream of winning the cricket world cup in 1992. He is known for his unparalleled leadership skills. These leadership skills are now used by him in the ground Politics. Imran Khan was a great all rounder and he revolutionized the cricket in Pakistan upon his arrival. He is undoubtedly, one of the top sportsmen that the world has ever produced.

Imran Khan

4. Michael Phelps:

Michael Phelps came into the limelight when he first won a gold medal in the Swimming category in Olympics. This was just the beginning and he went on to win 8 medals in a row for swimming. This is no less than an achievement as swimming is one of the most competitive sports in the Olympics line up. He possesses an amazing agility and swiftness. The world has not seen a swimmer as good as him ever before. It is the result of his hard work and efforts that he is standing at the pinnacle of the swimming sport.

Michael Phelps

5. Roger Federer :

The Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer is as popular in the world as Sachin Tendulkar is in India. The consistency with which he won several titles in his career run is astounding. He was at the top of ATP men tennis rankings for 237 weeks in a row. This is no less than a lifetime achievement. No other tennis player has ever done it before. Roger Federer is one of the most respectable personalities in the world of tennis, not only for his game but also for his charitable thoughts and noble work outside the court.

Roger Federer

6. Muhammad Ali:

Muhammad Ali was no less than a wonder for the people who watched him in the boxing ring. He personified strength, courage, dare and love in the ring. He was one of the hardest opponents to beat in the ring. The success of this man can be adjudged by the number of heavyweight boxing titles bestowed upon him in the entire career. He is a legend and considered to be the greatest boxer that ever existed.

Muhammad Ali

7. Wayne Gretzky:

He is the greatest player that the NHL has ever produced. He was known for the unparalleled skills and speed that he possessed. He revolutionized the way ice hockey was played. The scoring records that he put up in NHL could not be equated by anyone for a long time. Outside the game court too, he is a hero for people. He is involved in many charities and considered to be a man with golden heart.

Wayne Gretzky

8. Pele:

Pele is an iconic face in the soccer world. He is the former Brazilian football player that has scored over 1000 goals in his entire career. He also led Brazil to two world cup victories. He is considered to be the best football player in the world. Pele has scored 1152 goals in 1220 games that seem quite un-imaginary. His skills and technique make him the most gifted soccer player ever.


9. Zinedine Zidane:

Zinedine Zidane is the former French soccer player who is known for his instrumental role in the victory of France in the 1998 world cup. He was quite popular for the tackling and dribbling he did. Many believe that if there was Messi, Ronaldo and Maradona defending the ball, Zidane could break their defense easily and score, such was his greatness. He is a legend and is sole inspiration for the players of France.

Zinedine Zidane

10. Brian Lara:

Brian Lara is a former West Indian cricketer. This Caribbean came into the limelight when he scored the highest score in test cricket. This world record held intact for quite some years and he was the one who broke it again by scoring 400 runs in an innings in test cricket. He was one of the most gifted players in the cricket history. Many believe that when the ball left his bat, it used to go like a bullet to the boundary line. He was known to be generous outside the cricket field too. He is considered to be one of the very few legends of cricket.

Brian Lara


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