The Rolling Stones, founded in 1962 in London are one of the most famous bands in the history of Rock music. With 50 successful years of great music, The Rolling Stones have earned 4th position in ‘The 100 greatest artist of all time’ list of the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine. There is nothing we can say about The Rolling Stones that hasn’t already been said.

Rolling Stones Songs

Here’s our list of top 10 Rolling Stones songs of all time:

10. Title: Streets Of Love

Album: A Bigger Bang

Year: 2005

A gracefully sung power ballad with lyrics that will leave you spell-bound. It’s one of those songs that make you lose the track of time and hit ‘replay’ over and over again.

9. Title: Dead Flowers

Album: Sticky Fingers

Year: 1971

Sticky Fingers is considered to be the most successful Rolling Stones album both commercially and influentially. Dead Flowers is one of their best country music influenced songs. With a simple tune and even simpler lyrics, this song just captivates your heart.

8. Title: Laugh, I Nearly Died

Album: A Bigger Bang

Year: 2005

This song is one of our all time favorites. It has the classic blues sound, yet somehow it’s manages to be rock at the same time. Even though it’s from a latter album, it reminds you of the older Rolling Stones songs, this just goes to show the band hasn’t lost it touch even after 5 decades.

7. Title: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Album: Let It Bleed


“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” stands out as one of the most motivating songs on the album. It’s a pretty song, with a great deal of philosophy in it. One of most popular  Stones songs.

6. Title: Wild Horse

Album: Sticky Fingers

Year: 1971

Another mesmerizing ballad, this one from the legendary album ‘Sticky Fingers’. It’s one of the most beautiful lyrical works by Mick Jagger.

5. Title: Angie

Album: Goats Head Soup


This tender ballad with heart-touching lyrics is set on an acoustic guitar and a beautifuldistinctive piano tune. Something in this song just grabs you. It’s amazing how unusual and sympathetic this song is.

4. Title: Sympathy For The Devil

Album: Sticky Fingers

Year: 1971

This phenomenal Jagger song, having lyrics as the Devil in the first-person, along with its excellent composition has garnered  plenty of commercial success. It has to be the most controversial by the stones so far.

3. Title: (I Can’t get No) Satisfaction

Album: Out of Our Heads

Year: 1965

Owing to it’s popularity, it’s a very easily recognizable song. Opening with an awesome guitar riff, this song just catches your attention instantly. Classic, catchy, bewitching,  remarkable, even all these adjectives aren’t enough to describe “Satisfaction”.

2. Title: “Gimme Shelter”

Album: Let It Bleed

Year: 1969

The mood of this song is pretty dark. The buildup and the execution is beyond perfect. According to Mick Jagger, the inspiration to this song was the Vietnam War, hence the apocalyptic mood can be seen reflected throughout the song.

1. Title: Paint It Black

Album: Aftermath

Year: 1966

“Paint It Black” is a hunting yet beautiful lyrical piece with a unique sound. This psychedelic rock song uses a variety of instruments like ‘Sitar’, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and what-not! Though there are many theories as to what the song is really about, there is one thing everyone agrees on : It’s the best rolling stones song ever composed.

All in all, this list is just a way of showing how much we appreciate the 5 decades of amazing music the Rolling Stones have given us year after year..

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