Top 10 Richest Countries In The World

It is indeed a matter of great pride for the country which has bagged the place in the top 10 richest countries of the world. Isn’t it? After all, it enhances the reputation amongst the international community as other countries equally understand its mettle as well. The benefit equally percolates to its own people as well as it directly reflects in the strong economy and the citizens are able to lead a life of “King Size” as well. Thanks to the immense quantity of available resources which is available in leaps and bounds. According to a saying, “Rome was not built in a day”, same is the case with the following rich countries whose stable political as well as economic conditions have earned them such a coveted position in the world after a long gap of time.  The following list is provided on the basis of gross domestic product (GDP).

The list of top 10 richest countries in the world is provided in its serial number from First to Ten

1. Qatar

The list will not be complete if there is no mention of the richest country in the world and the perfect reflection of the same can be seen through its GDP rate which is 102,768.60. Hence, the country promises to give the perfect reason for people who are looking to lead an affluent and great life to make their way to the country and experience the eternal bliss which is synonymous therewith.

2. Luxembourg

The country has the credit of being adjudged as the second richest country in the world while it bags the first position in Europe. Its effective as well as great economic condition has given an ideal platform for the investors to invest here. Hence, this exercise is enough towards giving the country enough reasons to scale further up. Its current GDP rate is $80,679.06.

3. Singapore

Of late, if there is any Southeast Asian country which is registering quite a promising economy then it has to be Singapore. Emerging as a superpower of Asia, it certainly offers immense luxuries of its own for people who are coming to the country for better opportunities. Its GDP rate is $60,883.33.

4. Norway

The country which is known for beauty is synonymous with great GDP. It is equally gifted with great oil reserves which becomes the primary means to earn immense profit by way of export. The rate of GDP is $55,264.45.

5. Hong Kong

The specialty of the country stands out to be its free trade along with low taxes which assist towards giving much needed boost in the economy of the country.  The rate of GDP is 50,708.95.

6. Brunei

The country is a hub of petroleum fields along with natural gas as these are abundant over here. The thing which immensely helps towards cementing its economy is the oil resources which makes to whopping 90% of the gross domestic product. Hence, the country has been registering increasing numbers of profits in the world.  Its rate of GDP stands out to be at 50,526.35.

7. United States of America

How can this superpower be omitted from the list since the world considers it to be an ideal country economically. One can get a sneak peak of the same through the living standards of people as well.  There are increasing numbers of jobs too. People from across the world aim to live in this country and only few could accomplish their dream as well. This just goes on to show the immense craze for the country which has been synonymous with great life. Isn’t it? The GDP rate is $49,802.15.

8. United Arab Emirates

The last few years have been a profound reflection of the immense economic development which the country has witnessed. It has indeed helped U.A.E to scale further up towards the height of success. The country is proud of the fact that it houses millions of people from across the world as they have made it their second home thanks to great working opportunities which are simply the best. Its current rate is $48,992.47.

9. Switzerland

One of the factors which can indeed stand out to be a perfect reflection of immense economy is the literacy. Switzerland is one of those countries where increasing numbers of  people are experiencing a livelihood of dignity and respect by working on their desired profession. The banking sector in the country has seen tremendous rise as well. Its GDP rate is 45,285.8.

10. Kuwait

The reflection of a prosperous country can be best attributed by its ever increasing  economic growth since  it paves the way for increasing number of jobs. This country indeed offers various employment opportunities for the people who come and change their fortunes for the better by working in a highly competitive environment. The present GDP rate stands out to be $34,846.72.

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