Top 10 Reasons to Stop Animal Testing

Animals have always been the subject of experimentation and research which has led to their abuse. The target-based approach towards the animals has triggered many institutions to raise voice against this culture, but it’s still carried on in the name of research. Animal testing dissolves the concept of liberty and puts the life of the animal in danger. Every living being on this planet has a right to live. The human race is indulged in performing experiments on the animals, so that the proper medication for humans can be developed. They hardly care about the health perspective of the animals.

animal testing

Institutions like PETA and others have joined hands in order to protest against this practice of objectifying animals. However, the fight is on, and hopefully it leads us to some conclusion. Here are the top 10 reasons why animal testing should be stopped:

  1. It is simply wrong:

There are no ethics that can support this cruel practice performed by the researchers. Animals are subjected to torture, violence and sometimes a horrifying death. Thus, we cannot see anything right in this practice, so animal testing should be stopped.

  1. Not all the tests are spot  on:

The researchers make animal tests by supporting their reason with development of medicine for humans. However, it has been experienced that every third of 100 drugs that were successful in animal tests, tend to fail on humans. Therefore, animal testing does not take us to the elevated level of innovation; in fact it kills the innocent animals.

  1. The nature of diseases found in animals is quite different:

It does not make any sense, when the researchers apply test on animas in order to bring new medicine for humans as the diseases that are found in animals differ from that found in humans. Therefore, there is no point experimenting on animals in order to find the right treatment for humans. There is no direct connection to this fact.

  1. Better to spend the money on productive things:

In a study, it has been found out that the researchers tend to spend an ample of money in doing experiments on animals. Instead, they should plan to spend the money on more productive methods. Since, animal testing leads us nowhere; it should be stopped in order to avoid the waste of money.

  1. More success rate is experienced in other methods of experiments:

There are many experimental deeds that are more successful than just animal testing. There are many medicines and cures found out without the need of animals. Some of them are Anesthesia, Germ theory, X-rays, morphine, etc. Therefore, the torture of animals must be avoided in order to achieve more success rate of experiments without hurting the nature and animals.

  1. There are some alternatives to it:

The existence of other effective research methods point out on the practice of animal testing. Such research methods are performed without the use of animals, like micro dosing, Hurel biochip and tissue engineering among the others.

  1. Laws are  inadequate:

Some laws that are meant to protect the animals from experimentation are badly written and some of them are totally baseless, which leads to the under-rated protection of animals. Therefore, this is a major reason why animal testing should be stopped.

  1. Some animals are not included in the protection law:

It has been noticed that some of the animals like mice, rats and birds are awfully excluded from the protection rights under the law. This increases the possibility for their exploitation in a painful manner.

  1. Most of the times, an abuse is picked  out by the experts:

Whenever an investigating officer is sent to the laboratories, they often find the misuse of the laws and they witness an awful execution of animals which is unacceptable deed when it comes to animal rights and laws. Therefore, animal testing should be prohibited totally.

  1. Innocent Animals are subjected to a painful death

According to a survey, it’s found out that around 30 animals die every minute in laboratories around the world. This is an awful figure and it discourages the fundamental rights of animals. Most of the animals are experimented without a proper following of the laws that are designed to protect the innocent animals. Because of all these reasons, animal testing should be finally abolished and stopped in all forms in order to ensure a safe environment for the innocent animals.

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