Top 10 Online Games Which Makes You Crazy

Feeling bore or something and looking to take a break to kill some time? then the most ideal option is to opt for playing some online games. You can play them at your own risk as if played on a daily basis, people generally become addictive to them.  The top games that are commonly played and are highly popular among all age groups are:-

1. Trivia Machine:-

In this thrilling game, you can test your knowledge with this version of trivial. You can select from huge categories like history, music or movies and this game has three different skills level and they are elementary, scholar and genius.

2. Funky truck:-

Playing this game, you can spend hours climbing on hills and bouncing over bumps as if you are racing a huge monster and you can also win extra points of racing. A slightest touch of style in this game can make you on your wheels of success.

3. Quad:-

It is actually a puzzle game which is something like tetris-like. This game requires quick thinking. You can enhance your child’s decision making skills by making him play this game.

4. Puppy curling:-

In this game, there are numerous puppies with whom you need to play and win points. They got different stages and other bonus points as well.

5. Under Insanity:-

Its just a basic game in which you have to milk all the cows before they blow up. This game includes different stages. After winning the every level, you will get some bonus points.

6. Free Fall:-

In this, you need to navigate or cruise a skydiver through clouds. If your kid knows how to run the mouse, then this is certainly an ideal game for him.

7. Speed Racing:-

In this game, you need to race with cars. Its actually a racing game with excellent and attractive graphics and is ideal for all age groups as it is simply a blend of thrill and excitement.

8. Hangaroo:-

It is certainly a word puzzle game. There is a cross between fortune wheel and the hangman itself. There are various categories and the game itself selects the foremost category. You need to figure out the puzzles.

9. Beetle Buggin:-

This is a cool little game where you need to figure out a tiny bug over a messy desk or table. This is ideal for kids of growing ages.

10. Monkey island:-

This is certainly an addictive puzzle game in which you need to fit pieces of land altogether in order to save your island from monkeys. This game is highly popular among kids.

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