Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Dogs are the most loyal pets and it’s acknowledged by many experts. They do not forget their primary duty of being loyal to the parents. This tendency is not witnessed in the other animals. This attribute found among dogs makes them the most preferred pets around the world.  There are some breeds in dogs that are known to be super-loyal to their parents. Some of them are being discussed below in the article:

1. Rough Collie

Rough Collie is a breed that hails from Scotland. These dogs are known to be very loyal and nice to their owners. The intelligence and activeness found in these dogs is supposed to create a strong bond between them and their owner. They are quite protective about their owner and save them from all the adverse circumstances. These dogs are often termed as family dogs, because of their friendly nature and the ability to play with children. These dogs generally suffer from the ailment of eye disorders; such a problem is witnessed in this breed quite often.

Rough Collie

2. German Shepherds

These dogs are generally used by Police for the interrogation purposes. They have the origins from Germany. The first breed of these dogs was discovered in late 1800’s. The urge to learn have made these dogs the most wanted breed available. They can serve a particular purpose upon training. Their ability to adapt makes them the most versatile dog breed present. The over-protective nature of the breed makes them a bit aggressive sometimes.

German Shepherds

3. Beagles

This breed of dogs is commonly used by the security people because of the ability of this breed to sniff well. The origin of this breed is Great Britain. They have been used in many references in article dating back to ancient Greece period. These dogs are very friendly and gentle. The attachment they show to their owners makes them one of the most loyal dogs.


4. Kuvasz

This breed hails from the Hungarian lands. The initial use of this breed was to safeguard the livestock of farmers. It is just recently that these dogs have emerged to be house pets. They are highly intelligent and understand the signals of their owner well. They like having attention around them. The built of these dogs makes them good guards of their owner.


5. Labrador Retrievers

They hail from the east coast of North America. This breed is known for its happy nature and great energy levels. The friendly nature of this breed with the owners make it the most suitable and loyal breed of dogs available in the market.

Labrador Retrievers

6. Brittany

This breed is the produce of Brittany region of France. These dogs were originally assigned the mission of bird hunting. They are easy to handle and they train easily with the trainers. They have a good nature. They like being pampered by people and are the most loved breed in France.


7. Boxers

This breed hails from Germany and they are known for their kill mode. They are dangerous dogs with incredibly strong jaws. They are used to hold the board or deer until the hunters make an appearance. They are ruthless to the opponent. However, they can be very sweet-natured towards the family. They are lovely to the owner and like to go for outdoors in order to keep fit and to do leisure activities.


8. Dachshunds

They also have roots in Germany. Because of the long length of body, these dogs are often referred as the hot dogs. They are commonly used to hunt rabbits and other prey on the basis of their strong jaws and energy-bound legs. These dogs like to play with the family members. The love for outdoors is seen in this breed too. The attachment they show towards the owner is incomparable.


9. Golden Retrievers

Hailing from the greens of Scotland, this breed of dogs is used for the retrieving game. They are quite happy to play with people and do not like to be alone. The patience practiced by them is often admirable. They are often considered as a family dog and never falsify this statement.

Golden Retrievers

10. Yorkshire Terriers

They are often termed as Yorkie. They are the tiniest of the terrier breeds available in the market. Their forefathers come a long way from 1800’s. They are often used in dog shows and their ability to train well makes them the most attractive breed among the others in the dog shows. They are admirable and most of the owners just love them.

Yorkshire Terriers

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