Top 10 Most Funny Cat Videos Every Cat Lover Should Watch

“Time spent with cats is never wasted” – Sigmund Freud
Sounds like the famous psychotherapist was onto something here; whatever you do, there are not enough of those funny cat jokes, memes and videos on the internet. Whatever may be the situation, those memes always stay relevant. So for all those cat lovers and for those just passing time for some guilty pleasure of cat videos, we have complied a list of some of the funniest cat videos on internet, have fun!



This is inarguably the best cat reaction video that can be relevant to any shocking news you will find. The OMG emoticon can’t compete with the expression this Cat gives when you see something major clusterfuck of things going on.


Dammit…I am going Hulk on this thing!


We all probably had a moment like this in our lives, where everything is going wrong and the printer/computer not working just makes us lose it. We are not just blessed as this cat, that we can bang the office printer as much as we want.


I’m Cat Norris, expect the unexpected


The cat is the definition of a Ninja Cat taking revenge on Cat sister/brother, we can’t tell.


The name is Bond, Cat Bond…


If there is something we all like to see is a series on Ninja Cat Warrior or Spy Cats. The one’s here will probably be the stars of the show


Come at me bro, I got the skillz


This Ninja/Shaolin Cat is probably from one of the fraternity of Ninja Class, with all the swag she/he’s got.


Holy cow…I am THAT beautiful, well no wonder humans can’t get enough!!”


This cat possibly recognizes himself in the mirror or perhaps he just had an extra dose of catnip. Admiring himself in the mirror, he is probably thinking, “hmm,..who is that beauty in black, I think I am in love’!”


OMG, a grenade…I must save the planet earth….oh calm down people it’s just a potato…false alarm!!


This Ginger Cat hates potatoes, so much so that she’s gonna kill it. “Yaah, I am gonna hack you into pieces, you insufferable starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade….ahh never mind”


Cat and the apples showdown, the musical


The music is the best part of this video with how well it goes with the cat’s movement. It’s funny how the cat just circles the apples like ‘I am watching brah’


Patty cake- patty cake lalala…punch,…haha take that!


The commentary on this cat video makes this one of the best funny cat videos ever. Patty cake playing cats voice overs are hilarious, the cats too seem to think, “I know what you are doing, we are watching you”, when they tur towards camera.


No you can’t jump…I am gonna save youuuuu..or should we say meaouuu


This is where we all just go “awww”. The cute kitten aptly named ‘snowflake’ ‘saves’ her master hand as it tries to fall from window,…

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