Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular platform for the celebrities to keep in touch with their fans. A celebrity page keeps updating the fans about the latest happenings in their life along with some current news about their concerts, movies, etc. Having a Facebook page has become a compulsion for most of the famous celebrities, as this is the easiest way through which they can reach the fan base. Here is a list of top 10 celebrities that are followed greatly on Facebook in the year of 2013:


1. Eminem:

Having a Facebook fan base of 75,694,905, Eminem is certainly the most followed celebrity on Facebook this year. Marshall Bruce Mathers 3, commonly known as Eminem on stage is one of the leading rappers that the world has produced. Aged 40, Eminem is a hit among children and adults alike. His controversial lyrics have always helped sell the albums.  He is the most sought after musicians that have ever existed. There is no wonder that he possesses such huge fan following on Facebook. He does not just lead in the sphere of music, but also in the ground of social networking.

Eminem Facebook


2. Rihanna:

With 75,240,843 followers on Facebook, Rihanna is the second most followed celebrity on this social networking platform. She is known for her husky and sexy voice. The male following of this sensual performer has created a huge difference in the rankings mentioned in the list. She is an incredibly popular singer in the US and other countries. The Umbrella fame is going strong in the world of music and giving back to back hits in the form of singles. She is a great performer and a good speaker. The posts by this singer on Facebook are always interesting and this is the major reason for a great following that she endorses on Facebook.

Rihanna Facebook


3. Shakira:

The Colombian singer possesses a fan base of 70,674,475 on Facebook. She is a multi-faceted personality with singing, copy writing, choreography and other arts associated with her name. She has a huge male fan following. The swiftness in her moves and the flexibility of her waist makes the boys go bonkers over her. The wedding with Gerard Pique has certainly upset most of her male fans. She is a hot sensation and has always come up with something interesting for her fans. There is no doubt in proclaiming her to be the unprecedented queen on Facebook.

Shakira Facebook


4. Michael Jackson:

If there is any King of Pop, it is certainly Mr. Michael Jackson. His contribution to the music industry cannot be overlooked. He is loved everywhere around the world. The person who taught world how to dance, and do moon-walk has over 64,115,061 fan following on Facebook. The fan base of this legendary singer comprises of people from all the age groups. The young, the olds and the children all love him. His death has not lowered down his fan base a little bit.

Michael Jackson Facebook


5. Cristiano Ronaldo:

He is undoubtedly the most popular football player across the world. The expertise of this player can be adjudged by the fact that he was bought by Real Madrid a few years ago at the cost of a fortune. His skills on the football field accompanied with dashing looks make him the most favorite player among females and males alike. He has a strong sex appeal and possesses an athlete body that people go bonkers over. Hence, he is not only loved by the soccer fans but people also like him for the looks he possesses. The fan base of this handsome soccer player on Facebook has touched the mark of 60,302,098 . He is known to put some interesting pictures on the Facebook page that has led to the increment in his Facebook following every day.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook


6. Lady Gaga:

Known for her crazy acts on stage, Lady Gaga is certainly a trend setter on and off screen. She promises something unique to her fans always and her Facebook page also shows the same craziness. The “Poker Face” fame has delivered several hits to her fans. The popularity of this singer can be adjudged by the fact that she possesses a fan base of over 59,100,309 on Facebook. He posts that the singer endorses on her Facebook page are as unique as her clothing on the stage programs. She created quite a buzz in the music industry when she endorsed a meat dress in the Grammy award function. Being it for the showy reasons or the good reasons, this singer is one of the most followed singers that the industry has ever produced.

Lady Gaga Facebook


7. Katy Perry:

She is a multi talented personality that is good at singing, business and philanthropy. Her role in the US presidential elections was instrumental. Her impact on the Obama’s presidential run was huge. She has a huge fan following on Facebook that touches the figure of 57,157,984. She has a strong style statement and is the front face for many brands and labels. She is a favorite among teenagers and her songs are especially written for such age group. The song teenage dream earned her a great reputation among the teen fans. Katy Perry is now a household name of the American music industry and keeps on delivering back to back hits.

Katy Perry Facebook


8. Justin Bieber:

He is the youngest achiever in the American music industry. With his single “Baby”, he exploded the American music charts and went on to become one of the most influential singers of the time. His story is as interesting as his songs. He was spotted o YouTube by the singer, Usher and subsequently gave him the chance to record his own single. Since then, there is no looking back for this young chap and he keeps rising against all the odds. His life is like a roller coaster and this is the reason why his fans keep a close check on his Facebook page. The fans on his Facebook page have reached a number of 56,597,748. This is a whopping number and indicates the success and popularity of this singer.

Justin Bieber Facebook


9. Linkin Park:

One of the most influential bands in this era, Linkin Park is sitting at the ninth position in our list of most followed celebs over the social media platform, Facebook. They have a huge following of 51,260,871. Their Facebook page reveals the info about upcoming tracks and more. All the novice bands and music lovers keep a close check on this Facebook page in order to learn from the advice and instructions given by Linkin Park. They have remained to be an idol for many aspiring bands all around the world and the fan following on Facebook reflects the same.

Linkin Park Facebook


10. Will Smith:

Will Smith is one of the only Hollywood actors that have earned billions of dollars for his producers. He is very influential actor and keeps giving good movies every now and then. His Facebook page consists of the info about his latest flicks and his thoughts about life. The fan following that he has on the Facebook page is 50,557,045. His fans are all around the world and are not confined to one particular region or country.

Will Smith Facebook

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