Top 10 Lipstick Color Brands For Your Beautiful Lips

They make marks on cheeks and glasses, they make impressive curves, and a large part of a woman’s sex appeal belongs to the lips. Gloss, balm or lip colour adds a speechless charm to the whole package.
When one is buying lip colour, the following are the desired features –

– Vibrancy
– Durability
– Variety
– Glossiness
– Plumpness

Apart from all these, it is also important that the lipstick falls in budget. Thankfully, with so many brands in the market, it isn’t difficult. As it always is, some are of course better than the others. However, it is always a good idea to go by the choice of experts. Here are some of the lipstick brands best rated by beauty geniuses

1. M.A.C

m.a.c lipstick
It is great and a lot of people don’t use any other brand except for M.A.C. M.A.C has won way too many awards to need to explain why it is the best in the business any longer. It is one of the smoothest brands and doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. The coordination with the skin was awesome and the range of lipstick colour was an added feather in the hate. The brand smartly offers countless shades of a single colour.


2. Clinique

Clinique lipstick
It is the best thing in the market. It has a very soft texture and it also moisturises your lips. At the same time, it doesn’t lose any of its smoothness and stays on for a very long time. It surely makes you look adorable. It is intimate in a sexy sort of way and mixes with your skin almost immediately. Moreover, the shades available are countless.



Origins lipstick
It is a very cool lipstick brand and is a favourite of the beauty experts. The waxy feeling usually complimentary to a lipstick is absent in this one. It makes one look beautiful. Moreover, the colours are available in many shades to match all kind of skin tones. It is no wonder then that the sales of these are always high. Buyers are usually happy with its durability and texture and keep coming back to it.


4. Neutrogena

Neutrogena lipstick
This lipstick is shaped like a crayon and it is said to be a must buy. It moisturises your lip to the T and is full of pleasant surprises in that category as well as when it comes to durability. It smells amazing and doesn’t make you look funny or extraordinary. It is definitely a great product.

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5. Laura

Laura lipstick
This is revered not only by experts but also by those who aren’t much into it. A lot of women always have a Laura in their bag. The best features of this lipstick are –
– Durable
– Moisturising
– Soft texture
– Healthy


6. Guerlain

Guerlain lipstick
It is one of the best rated lipsticks in the market currently and for good reasons. The largest ones being its capability and smoothness; it doesn’t come off for a very long time. In fact, the colour remains intact for a very long time too. It doesn’t lighten up even in the afterhours. It smells like vanillas and violets and is irresistible.


7. Lancome

Lancome lipstick
While most products last for a long time, this one without any shade of doubt lasts a little longer; moreover, it is said to be well worth the money. It is a favourite of those who don’t like a lot of lipstick. Thus, it definitely has to be outstanding. It smoothens and moisturises the lips to quite an extent. The coral shade is a favourite with one and all.

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8. Shiseido

Shiseido lipstick
Shiseido has got the perfect shade of colours for everyone. It is smooth and porous and hence, is easy to use. Apart from that, it stays on for a good time and moisturises the lips as well.


9. Estee

Estee lipstick
While these may require a touch-up or two, they make your lips look great. The texture is somewhere between creamy and balmy.


10. Kat Von D

Kat Von D lipstick
The colour literally spreads and liquidizes into your lips. It is surely going to make those who use lip gloss very happy. It is a bold lipstick and literally lasts for around 24 hours. It is a raging favorite.

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