Top 10 International Fashion brands in the World

Fashion industry has been evolving continuously from the last decade. The brands that used to top the industry 10 years ago are nowhere in the competition today. All this has been contributed to the impact of social media and technological advancements in the fashion industry. However, there are some brands that have maintained their monopoly in the market since a long time and they still remain at the top.

Here are the top 10 international fashion brands in the world:

1. Emporio Armani:

If you ever fancy the designer suits worn by 007 agent, James Bond and the attire sported by Timothy Olyphant in “The Hitman”, then you are definitely admiring the designs of Emporio Armani. It’s an Italian brand that rules the fashion market with an authority. Although this brand is on the expensive side for a mid range customer, but it provides a great quality garment to the customer. Armani is counted in one of the best luxury brands present in the world fashion market at the moment.

Emporio Armani

Armani is the most preferred brand for socialites and other celebrities as it provides them a class. This brand is mostly associated with the reputation of the buyer. Hence, there are an ample of reasons why Armani is considered to be one of the best international fashion brands available in the market.

2. Christian Dior:

Dior was established as a brand in 1946. There was a confusion regarding the name of this brand in the minds of its chairmen. In the beginning, this brand was named Corolle which transformed into New look. This name met with a great controversy in that era. It triggered the company to change the name. Dior has its headquarters in Paris, France.

Christian Dior

Dior is known for selling unprecedented quality of fragrances and accessories. The brand ambassador of Dior is Mila Kunis, which is the USP of the brand.

3. Mango:

The Spanish brand, Mango is known for its expertise in the Social media campaigns. The popularity of this brand on the social media can be adjudged by the fact that it sells 7 percent of its products through social media. The customer service and the quality of clothes provided by this company are incomparable.


Mango has its headquarters in Spain. The brand ambassador of this brand is Miranda Kerr. She is known to be the next sensation in the fashion industry.  Mango enjoys its image of being an affordable but pleasant fashion brand.

4. Gucci:

Standing on the number 4 position is the Italian brand, Gucci. It was started by the designer Guccio Gucci. It is one of the first brands that brought out revolutionary changes in the market by introducing a unique range of products.

gucci brand

The leather goods and accessories provided by this brand do not have any competitor in the market. Gucci has around 300 stores worldwide that generate billions of revenue every year.

5. Versace:

Started back in 1978, this fashion house is a result of endless efforts from Italian designer Gianni Versace. However, the founder of this brand was murdered soon after the establishment of the brand, but it was since taken over by his sister. Versace specializes in making clothes, cosmetics and accessories. In the last few decades, this brand is ruling the market with domination. The brand ambassador of Versace is Kaia Gerber.

Versace brand

6. Chanel:

Established back in 1909, this brand has carried on its legacy for the whole century. Its founder was Coco Chanel who revolutionized the fashion market with her vision. Today, Chanel is known to make good quality cosmetic products, shoes and exquisite fragrances. The Allure edition of Chanel fragrance is making a huge roar in the current market and is considered to be a sensational product by this brand.


7. Victoria’s Secret:

The marketing campaigns and advertising of this brand has always been unique. The fashion shows organized by this brand have increased its value by a great margin. The brand is known for making Lingerie, sleep wear and beauty products. The quality of the products is simply portentous.

Victoria’s Secret

8. Calvin Klein:

This brand maintains a perfect balance between being quality oriented and being reasonable. It can be afforded by a mid range user. Established in 1968, Calvin Klein is popular for making watches, accessories, garments and perfumes. The brand ambassador of this brand is Lara stone that provides an edge to the marketing of the brand.

Calvin Klein

9. Dolce and Gabbana:

Sported by celebrities and socialites, this brand is a symbol of person’s status. Founded in 1985 by Italian designers, this brand is popular for making eyewear, clothes, footwear and bags. The popularity of this brand can be adjudged by the fact that it was awarded by prize for making the best male and female perfume of the year in 1996.

Dolce and Gabbana

10. Hugo Boss:

Established in 1924, it’s a German brand that is popular for making clothes, accessories and fragrance. The presence of this brand in 110 countries announces its popularity among the masses.

Hugo Boss

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