Top 10 games to play on Facebook

Facebook, a highly popular and a free social networking website that allow people to create profiles, upload pictures, videos as well as allow people to play games as well. This social networking website includes n number of fascinating and thrilling games which ensure to provide you a unique gaming experience. The popular Facebook games are:-

populer Facebook game

1. Citeville Facebook game:- In this game, you can become the government of the country and can design premises of your desire in the city which may includes shopping malls, hotels, schools and small businesses like grocery stores, ice cream or juice bars. Moreover, you can also take rent from buildings. It is truly an astonishing and an exciting game and ideal for all age groups.

2. Buddypoke Facebook game:- In this game, you can select your own buddypoker character and then get ready to explore extreme fun with your near and dear ones. This game allows you do chatting, playing and having other funny activities. Moreover, you can even expo your feelings towards your friends by hugging and making fun with them.

3. Castleville Facebook game:- Its an another funny and highly entertaining game where you can build your beautiful and spectacular castles. You can design your castle in a range of styles including square, park and many more. If want to earn money from you castle, you can built some cake and ice cream stores.

4. Team slots Facebook game:- Here, in this game, you can have a chance to win ultimate prizes by beating other users which may includes your near and dear ones as well. You can select the 4 groups and the winner will get the exciting cash prize.

5. Restaurant city Facebook game:- Have you ever dream of becoming a chef in your life? You can fulfill this dream of yours by playing this fascinating and exciting game. In this game, you will be the owner of restaurant and augment the business of your restaurant by hiring staff which may attract people towards your place. In this game, you need to participate in some cooking contests as well. This game is certainly an ideal time passer.

6. Bubble speed Facebook game:- If you love the thrill and excitement, then this bubble speed is certainly ideal for you as this game includes a great amount of thrill and amusement. In this game, you have to pop the bubbles in shortest time span and the person who perform this task in the lowest time will be the winner. It’s a quite easy game and can be played even by kids.

7. Monster world Facebook game:- In this game, you can hang out with monsters and have a fabulous time. You need to perform many more other activities as well which includes managing the grass patch of mini land and you need to plant various funny plants like chocolate plant, ice cream plant, candy plant and many more.

8. Pet society game:-In this, you need to hang out with pets and have to treat them in a friendly manner. In this game, you can start your virtual pet world and have to create your houses, have to visit your friends in order to enjoy or making blast with them. This game also allows you and your friends win exciting prizes. In this pet society, there are numerous activities that you can enjoy with your friends.

9. Monster galaxy game:- It’s a new and an adventurous game. In this game, there are n number of monsters which you have to fight with them, train them or if needed then catch them. In this, you have to set your goal of the amount of monsters you will collect or catch.

10. Shadow fight game:- If you love martial arts, then this is certainly an ideal and the most appropriate game for you. In this game, you can dare your friends in a fight game and then make out that who is more tough. With the growing levels of games, you can even opt for powerful moves in order to beat your friends.

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