This subject is often talked about online. There has always been confusion in deciding which country has the most beautiful women. However, here we come with the top 10 countries that feature very beautiful women:

1. Latvia:

A small country in the Baltic States, this place is full of beautiful blonde ladies. Once a part of USSR, Latvia is independent now. In the streets of the Latvian capital, many beautiful women can be spotted wearing shorts and hot pants. They are known to be beautiful blondes. The accent of these women makes them even more attractive. The blonde parades are quite common in the city of Riga where blonde women take place in a parade in the city which is held for a noble cause. Undoubtedly, Latvia is a place with beauties. It stands tall in the first place in our list.



2. Sweden:

The women in this country are known for their strong personalities. They are marked by a tall height, slim body, blonde hair and blue eyes. Majority of the women in Sweden feature these attributes. They are considered to be the most beautiful women on earth with some explicit features. The friendly nature of these women attracts most of the men from world towards them. They are often addressed as goddesses by experts. There is no doubt in placing them at the second position of this list.

Sweden Girls


3. Brazil:

The Brazilian women are known for their diversified cultural influence and sporty looks. Most of the Brazilian women are well built and have sport awareness. The best part about this country is that you can find blonde as well as black women in the same country. Brazil has dominated in the beauty pageants and this is the major reason why it stands at the third position in our list.

Brazil Girls


4. Spain:

The Spanish women are known for their friendly nature. They are beautiful in looks and maintain a class. For many people, they might appear to be typical party women but they have several other impressive attributes too. They possess tanned skin and are known for being perfectly built. Thus, they rest on the fourth position on our list.



5. Russia:

Russian women have always been considered as the beauty queens. They are marked by beautiful skin, blue eyes and a wonderful body. Although, they might appear to be more aggressive than the women of other countries but they are certainly the best women to hang around with.



6. France:

The French ladies rest at the sixth position in our list. They are characterized by an outgoing attitude and a nice energy-equipped vibe. They are extremely beautiful in looks and since they belong to the country of Love, France, they are very good lovers. Undoubtedly, the women of France dominate in the beauty pageants too.



7. India:

Known for their dusky skin, Indian women are considered to be a very elegant and exotic by most of the experts. They have a very feminine approach towards doing thing which makes them even more attractive as a woman. The diversity in cultures and a streamlined approach towards men makes the people work hard in order to mate with them. The attire of Indian women is quite impressive. Sari is an elegant wear which enhances the attractiveness of the women.  Thus, there are simply no doubts why these women dominate in the beauty pageants. Hence, the Indian women rest at the seventh position in our list of the countries with most beautiful women.

Indian  girls



8. Italy:

The Italian women are generally referred to as Bella. They are extremely beautiful in looks. The elegance they carry with their outfits also adds to their incredibility. They have a tanned skin and because of the fashion influence, they have a very good dressing sense. This is a major factor why majority of the people get attracted towards them.



9. Argentina:

The women of Argentina are known to be hailing from the romantic culture. They are tall, well toned with a dusky skin. Buenos Aires is considered to be the city with most beautiful women in the world. The glamour and glitz prevailing in the country encourages the women to stay close to fashion trends and remain beautiful.



10. South Africa:

The South-African women have always ruled in the beauty pageants. They are considered to be sporty and extremely beautiful. The blonde hair accompanied with blue eyes form a great platform for their beauty showcase.

South Africa Girls

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