Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World

The world is a filthy place and humanity, the invader. Yet, the very sea of humanity makes a major difference sometimes. While some cities are a pile of dirt, some others don’t know what it is like to be filthy. They are the very inspiration for the rest of us.

Here is a list of 10 cleanest cities in the world –


1. Calgary

Why is it clean? It is because of the way it deals with –
– Traffic congestion
– Clean water
– Clean air
– Sewage system
– Waste removal
Shouldn’t we be taking an example already?

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2. Adelaide

It isn’t for nothing that it is known as Australia’s most liveable city. It is environmentally friendly and has a system of recycling most of its waste in its central market. Wonderful, isn’t it?


3. Honolulu

It is a very popular tourist destination. Also, it remains clean because Mother Nature takes good care of it. What with the pacific air surrounding it and the humid rains showering their blessings upon the island frequently, it doesn’t look like there is a need for a lot of cleaning here, does it?

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4. Minneapolis

Not only the largest city of Minnesota but also a heavily populated one, how does it remain clean? The entire credit goes to the residents. They ensure the cleanliness of their city. A rare occurrence indeed!


5. Kobe

Kobe City
The city belongs to the technologically advanced country of Japan. Of course they have an advanced waste management system that takes care of all their dirt.


6. Copenhagen

Another city, whose cleanliness can be accredited to its residents; though, they not only keep it clean but are a step ahead! They also ensure that their city remains green and environment friendly. Way to go, we say!

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7. Wellington

We all know New Zealand is clean and green. Of course, Wellington, its capital, is cleaner and greener. It is beautiful beyond measure and has its waste management and sewage system well in place. No wonder it is popular with the tourists.


8. Helsinki

helsinki city
The way this city has been planned, it just couldn’t be dirty. It absolutely had to be clean. It regularly finds a place in the charts of world’s cleanest cities. From the arrangement of buildings to the management of waste, everything about this city is planned.

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9. Oslo

Oslo City
This city has a large number of tourists as well as residents and like a responsibly city, it has taken a step up to reduce the pollution and dirt. Needless to say, it has immensely succeeded.


10. Freiburg

Freiburg city
This is built to be an eco-friendly city and has many characteristics such as car free roads which add to its image and persona. It is little wonder then that it is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

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