Top 10 best websites for creating GIF images online

A GIF image creating website helps you to change the total outlook of an image by editing it through various functions. After converting a normal image into GIF through editing, the image becomes more capable for gaining the consideration of the audience.

creating GIF images

Creating a GIF image online is a cost effective and interesting work which others must try once. :-

Picasion is a kind of website which allows you to upload near about 10 images at a time. You can upload these images for your computer saved data, through internet or click an image yourself. This website offers you different functions for cropping the image, select its size and setting the time duration for the transaction to convert the image into GIF image and the most fantastic thing about it is that it is totally free of cost.

2. :-

Avatar photo is also a one of the best and free GIF images online websites which displays many advanced function to create a GIF image like many differently designed effect which are  named as emotions, slide shows and collage creating. You can upload only 5 images at once and can opt features like avatar size, change the conversion time, decorate image with text addition and many more.

3. :-

Gickr is a fantastic advanced feature free website in which you can upload just 10 images in plenty of time. For editing on this website, you can upload pictures from your own desktop, flickr, picasa or from you tube shared videos.The function of changing size and speed of transaction of a GIF animation image is also available.

4. :-

In this website, you can upload image from any website which you had opened in the next frame. You can upload images with the limit of 9 and the maximum size of every image is 250px*250px. This website offers many other features also like rotating a GIF image into any direction, Text addition, cutting and cropping and so on.

5. :-

During the time of uploading image in this website, you will be awarded about the uploading limit of images which is only of 5 images. You can upload single image or can send a zipped file of many image after naming them in a sequence. The maximum size of a GIF image is 320px*240px but you cannot change the size by your choice. On the other hand, you get the advantage of changing animation speed and viewing animation preview before saving.

6.  :-

Working on Make a Gif website which is free of cost,you can upload 12 images from your computer at a time. You can select the animation speed and change the size of the image by cropping it larger or smaller.In the entire website, you will not find the option of download an image.For downloading, you will have to first select the image and then right click to find the download option. This way, you can download an image.

7. :-

In the Loogix website,you got the permission on uploading only 10 images at once only from your computer. You are offered with the function of changing the size and speed of transaction of a GIF image. There are many advanced effects also like movement,  zoom,  shadow and many other.

8. Imator :-

Imator is also a very good GIF image creating website which does its work in free. The website is having one fantastic function that is while editing, you can also add frames to your image selected by you. Images for editing can be uploaded from various websites like flickr, picasa and existing URLs. You can also increse or decrease the size of image by yourself.


9. :-

The Myspacegens Animated GIF Make is the only free website on which you can upload the number of 50 images. This website contains some limited features like you can change the size of the animated GIF image and for downloading your edited image, you just have to click on it.

10. :-

Gif Make is the one website which measures the image downloading capacity in the terms of mb and this website’s capacity is 1 mb. You can select various option through which you can resize the image or can change its animation loop.On this website, you can see the full size preview of your animated GIF image.

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