Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

Are you also fond of watching sci-fi movies? if yes, then here are the list of 10 best ever sci-fi movies which are really interesting and makes you feel really thrilled. Those films are easily available in the sci–fi part or division of any of the famous or renowned video store.  If you want to read about them before watching, then here are the list.

Best Sci-Fi Movies

1- Inception


Christopher Nolan have really win the hearts of audience of being a batman. The movie begins and the dark Knight, he really had amalgamate his career as a filmmaker at the top of the list after his 2012’s inception. This dazzling movie really has captured the silver screen and made its name on the top. This 21st century sci-fi movie has really win the hearts of all age groups especially youngsters. Stunning visual effects shown in this movie can truly win anyone’s attention or eye. Original and excellent script is the major reason behind its success level.

2- District 9


This movie is actually the creation of Director Neill Blomkamp and Producer Peter Jackson. Together with a stunning script, these two came up to win the silver screen. One of the best alien creatures are shown in this movie. It is actually a pure science fiction movie. In this movie, the real life issues which a common man is facing today has been shown. Sharlto Copley has played his character in a smart way and with his superb acting has win the hearts of audience. This superb movie is full of action scenes and visual effects. This has prove to be a great sci-fi movie.

3- The Thing


In this movie, its been seen that how an alien do have capability to form of any life. Its actually a blend of horror and a sci-fie story.  With its release, it has certainly win the hearts of many. The tension escalates and Kurt Russel had give their best in this movie and plays a major role in the immense success of movie. The practical special effects shown in the movie are really awesome. If you still have not seen this movie, then what actually are you thinking, you must watch it now!

4- Avatar


Its actually a movie for which numerous people love to hate while on the other side, there are many who re-watches it. Actually, this engrossing movie has succeeded on multiple fronts. Its actually a first case where 3D comes to theatrical experience. It is really a beautiful and a visually thrilling movie ever made. The major reason behind its succeeded its simple but engaging script. This is something which humans and blue cat people must like.

5- Jurassic Park


Its more than 15 years when this movie was released, but now also you can see the same craze as that of a new movie. Every scene will make you feel wow. This sense of awe and wonder is the major reason behind its unbeatable success level. It was first premiered in summer of 1993 and since that time it has made a ground breaking success.

6- Blade Runner


This movie  was a runaway favorite in our poll. The story revolves around Harrison Ford’s policeman, Rick Deckard and his search for four cloned humanoids, known to be replicants. It have been considered illegal and Deckard is a blade runner. It is really a best movie ever made. Since  its release, it has made silver screen even more exciting and interesting.

7- A space Odyssey


It has been premiered in 1968 and this really mystifying story actually is a collaboration of Kubrick and a writer named Arthur C Clarke which is famous and popular for its science fictions. It had achieved enormous fame and name for its extra ordinary and special effects. Modernized computer graphics has been used in this movie in order to make it even more thrilling and exciting.

8- Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back (1980)


The first film of original star wars trilogy make it one of the most interesting and a thrilling movie. They both cover the universal themes of good versus. Leading actors named Harrison Ford, Marc Hamill, Carrie Fisher had give their best in order to make this movie more thrilling and escalating one. After its released,numerous people made this movie their favorite one while on the other side, many start hating it but overall, it has gain a huge level of success.

9- Alien


The iconic scenes of infant creatures made this movie a favorite of all age groups. This alien comes or burst bloodily through John Hurt’s chest. Its really an interesting and a thrilling movie with a blend of some horror scenes into it. The main characters have give their best acting and have made them a preferred choice of everyone.

10-War of the Worlds 


Its was actually an invasion of Martin and since its release, it has become a cold war movie. Its been since the picture of a life that develops in entirely different situation in a completely different world. Its really an appealing idea and so is the movie has gained an immense success.

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