Top 10 Best Free Cydia Apps For iPhone and iPad

Cydia apps provide an iPhone user with a  range of explicit applications. Since some of the Cydia apps cost a fortune for the user, we will introduce you to some of the best free Cydia apps available in the market. Thus, the user does not have to peep into his pockets for the possession of such incredible apps. Here is the list of top 10 free Cydia apps for iPhone and iPad:

1. SBSetting Free Cydia App

SBSetting is one of those unique cydia apps that provide enough tools for the user to jailbreak their iPhone. The options that are vital for the iPhone can break free through this cydia app. The reason why SBSetting tops our list is that it works on WiFi and Bluetooth enabling the user to free some space from his iPhone. The flexibility that this app provides to the user is impeccable and that’s why it stands at number 1 in the list of top cydia apps for iPhones and iPads.

SBSetting Free Cydia App

2. Activator Free Cydia App

Activator is a wonderful cydia app which aware the user about all the activities that are running on the phone or the iPad. The Activator app provides the user with some small icons that can be seen at the display of the screen when iPhone is connected to the charger. These are the updates about activities that are running on the iPhone. Using this incredible app, the user can also modify his locations and do some extra fun with his iPhone. With all these beautiful features, the Activator app comes for free and does not put an extra burden on the pocket of the user.

Activator Free Cydia App

3. AppLinks Free Cydia Apps

Applinks provides a straight access to all the iPhone apps that you intend to deal with. It would provide the appropriate links to those apps. The user does not need to look for his favorite apps inside the iPhone as their links can be easily accessed through this cydia app. This incredible app comes for no cost; it’s absolutely free in the market.

AppLinks Free Cydia Apps

4. Backgrounder Free Cydia App

The basic function of this cydia app is to facilitate multitasking in the iPhone. With the help of backgrounder available in this cydia app, the user can run multiple apps at the same time and space. The screen space is also saved fruitfully by this app as it provides for small icons for the task running in background, instead of heavy big icons.

Backgrounder Free Cydia App

5. AptBackup Free Cydia App

Aptbackup is the ultimate app tailor made to protect the cydia apps downloaded by the user. Whenever the iPhone is updated, the important cydia apps are lost. Thus, in order to save all those favorite cydia apps, the user must try Aptbackup cydia app. It is absolutely free of cost. What this incredible app does is that it creates an extra back up copy of all the cydia apps that the user downloads in his iPhone. It enables an extra security for the apps. The use of this app is acclaimed by most of the phone experts.

AptBackup Free Cydia App

6. Mx Tube Free Cydia App

This cydia app is extremely useful, since it enables the user to download his favorite track/song from the YouTube. This song can be later saved on the iPhone and heard from the user. The donations are also encouraged in this app as the user is allowed to donate to the musician. This app comes for free and is extremely useful.

Mx Tube Free Cydia App

7. FolderCloser Free Cydia App

It facilitates a quick working environment within the iPhone. The Apples decision, which might appear to be irritating for the user sometimes is totally removed by this app. Using this cydia app, the user can easily open, use and close an app without the display of apple’s decision. It makes the life of user very simple indeed.

FolderCloser Free Cydia App

8.  PdaNet Free Cydia App

Sometimes, it becomes quite hectic for the users to connect their computer with an iPhone with the use of multiple cables. This cydia app eases the work of the user by providing a wireless connection between the computer and the iPhone. This facility provided by PDA app can also be availed using a USB. It is absolutely free and easy to use. This is the major reason why it stands at the eighth position in our list.

PdaNet Free Cydia App

9. Qik Free Cydia App

With the use of this incredible Cydia app, the user can record high quality videos. However, the quality of the video is also determined by the network connection strength. It is considered as one of the best Cydia apps for providing an optimum quality to the user while recording a video.

Qik Free Cydia App

10. Winterboard Free Cydia App

The springboard of the iPhone can be easily changed using this cydia app. Apart from the springboard, the other tools like the locked screen and call screen can also be modified according to user’s requirements. The music apps can also be made very beautiful using this cydia app. It is one of the acclaimed apps that is making roar at the market.

Winterboard Free Cydia App

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