Top 10 Anime Series Of All Time

Anime is the name of a Japanese animated series of any kind. The cartoons are either hand-drawn or animated via a computer program. These anime cartoons are usually in Japanese and have a lot of fan following. Manga which is an animated Japanese cartoon comic is also adapted into an anime these days. However, as it happens in most cases, the Manga comics are way ahead of the anime series and if you are a comic fan, it is a good idea to catch up on it first. Remember that the Manga comics are read from right to left and not in the usual way.

Top 10 Anime Series Of All Time

Also, if you are into watching anime videos, it is better to watch it in Japanese itself with subtitles on. As it goes with most dubbed videos, it doesn’t sound very authentic in English. It might even come across as very cheesy. A large number of anime series have taken the world by storm. Some of the most popular ones are follows –


1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

A 14 year old boy who had been separated from his father for quite a few years is summoned by his father. Although, he doesn’t want to, he reluctantly does take up the job given to him by his father. The job is to pilot a robot named EVA01. This robot has a huge responsibility of protecting the planet from invaders who are enigmatic, ironically known as angels. The acceptation of this mission leads to the introspection of his decision and come to terms with his own self. Yet, what exactly is going on? Why the attacks? What is his father exactly after? Keep watching!


2. Fist of the North Star

Destruction of humanity through a holocaust, in a year called ‘199X’; removal of the weak; mistreatment of the weak and a constant struggle for life. The lead Kenshiro finds the abandoned land. Kenshiro is a professional martial artist. His art is called Hokuto Shinken which literally translates to Fist of the North Star. Upon utilising this art, one can destroy human beings through their inner strength, all one has to do is recognise the pressure points. Kenshiro is the one who brings law and order in the lawless and untoward world. What is strange is that his companions are a thief and an orphan child.

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3. Elfen Lied

Apparently, Diclonius is a homo-sapien selected by the almighty in order to destroy human beings. This species has 2 horns on their head and also ability to telekinetically connect with someone. Since they appear to be extremely dangerous, they have been captured and caged by the Government. They are kept in laboratories as of now. One of the members of the species named Lucy manages to escape. She even manages to kill a few guards until she is finally shot. While she is presumed to be dead, she actually doesn’t die and drifts to a coast. Here she meets 2 teenagers named Kouta and Yuka who and this is where the plot takes a twist and a few turns!


4. Serial Experiments Lain

It portrays a large number of philosophical issues faced by mankind through fantasy. The representation of reality, the idea of identity and the areas of communication are explored through various ways in this anime. Lain, an adolescent female living in the suburbs of Japan is the lead character of the anime. She has been exposed to a huge and worldwide network of communications called Wired. Her family is weird as hell as her mother is extensively cold whilst her father is completely involved with his computer. Her elder sister Mika isn’t very forthcoming.

Soon, Lain starts to feel the chills of loneliness but it hits the nerve when she, along with the other girls of her schools receives an email about Chisa who committed suicide. Yet, Chisa tells Lain that she isn’t really dead and has only ceased to be in the physical world. She is deeply connected with Wired and God over there. This leads Lain to introspect and find herself through the communications network.


5. Nana

Nana Komatsu meets Nana Osaki on a train. Komatsu is on her way to meet her boyfriend named Hachi while Osaki wants to fulfil her lifelong dream of pursuing music. Osaki also has a boyfriend in Tokyo and he is the lead guitarist of another popular band called Trapnest. Osaki is planning to have a super hit release of her band titled Blast. Both the girls become fast friends during the train journey and then happen to bang into each other again while looking for accommodation. As you may have guessed, the 2 the live together literally and metaphorically both!


6. Death Note

One often comes across students who are dead bored with academics not because they don’t want to study but because they are too intelligent for it. Yagami is no different. Yet, he comes across a notebook called ‘Death Note’ which is written by the God of Death. This God has the power to kill people in whatever way he can. Thus, Yagami now wants to create a perfect planet with the help of the note. Yet, soon, the criminals start to die in a row and this is when an extremely interesting battle ensues.


7. Ergo Proxy

Romdeau is a domed city in which human beings and their androids reside. However, the city also promises salvation from the physical world. However, there is no place for feelings in the domed city and it is governed by a structured system which is strictly managed and governed. However, the strict code of system breaks when murders of a mysterious nature start to occur in this land. A female inspector and her android are assigned the case and the responsibility of solving the mystery then lies with them. She is encountered by a supernatural being who is neither an android nor a human being and this is when she goes deeper into the case into many alternate worlds.


8. Marmalade Boy

Miki is a normal girl who lives a normal life. Yet, who knows what’s life got in store for them. Miki’s parents decide to get a divorce and Miki is firmly against it. Soon, she meets Yuu whose parents are exchanging their spouses. There is chaos in the system when everyone decides to live together and love decides to find its way into Yuu and Miki’s life.


9. Paranoia Agent

An interesting anime about a character designer who is grappling with failure and hence, a fictional character of her childhood comes to life. She starts to believe in it and the news of fear about the fictional and violent character spreads through. Towards the end, the lead character explains how the li’ll slugger (the fictional character in the lead character’s mind) is the result of her guilt which finally leads to the death of li’ll slugger.


10. Naruto
It is one of the popular Manga series wherein there are Ninjas, foxes and a lot of magic. Acts of saving the world and exams to get to a higher Ninja rank along with magical foxes enclosed in human bodies keep the viewers hooked. This is one anime to watch out for!

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