Tired of the Treadmill? Boost Your Performance By Following These Workouts

The idea of running on the treadmill gives chills to some people while some ignore running just because they don’t like to run on the treadmill. However, running is an important part of the workout and if you ignore it, your legs are only half worked out. Some people don’t find treadmill very inspiring and term it as boring and timid.

There are a few who doubt the runway on a treadmill and get surprised not seeing any fruitful results. These are the times to escalate your workout and get the proper knowledge about treadmills. Here are some of the suggestions for the usage of treadmill and how it can boost your performance:

Tired of the Treadmill? Boost Your Performance By Following These Workouts

For burning the calories:

1. Try to run in intervals:

If your main objective is to burn the calories in your body, the best thing to do is run in intervals. When you are running for longer time, it is always good to run at a constant speed but in case of doing a short workout, it is always good to vary your speed with time. You can run modestly for some time and then up the pace. This not only burns the calories in your body but also builds endurance and makes you faster. You can start with 30 minute workout in the beginning and once you get the desired results, the duration can be deliberately increased.

2. Keep increasing the speed throughout the running session:

While running on the treadmill, you should keep escalating the pace in order to burn the calories more. Try to start your treadmill work out by walking at 4 mile/hour and gradually increase it to 7, 8, 9 mile/hour and so on. This is one of the best suggestions for boosting the performance in a treadmill workout.

3. Try to run for longer intervals:

It is not easy to prolong your duration of running. However if you constantly increase your running time and push your limits, it is possible to burn your calories in the best manner. Try to increase the duration of your running session as it really helps build your stamina and at the same time it helps you work out more calories.

For strengthening your muscles:

1. Raise the incline:

Most of the people want to work out on muscles while indulging in the treadmill workout. It is certainly possible to strengthen your muscles. You can facilitate it by raising the incline level. It impacts your thighs, calves and butt. It requires more efforts to walk/run with inclined platform and you would feel a threatening force in your lower body. It is one of the best methods to strengthen the muscles using the treadmill.

2. Try doing walking lunges:

In order to tone your legs and tush, you can try walking in wider steps and perform lunges on the treadmill. It really helps the cause and you can spot the difference in your muscles soon after.

3. Don’t hold the handles and work on your arms :

If you want to tone your upper body as well while running on the treadmill, try loosing the hold of the handle and balance your body. It improves the overall balance of the body and also works out the upper body of the trainee.

For increasing the speed:

1. Try the tempo run:

Some people have different motive while incorporating the treadmill workout. They want to develop faster speed while running on the treadmill. These trainees and try the tempo run. It requires the runner to sprint faster than his usual speed. This increases the stamina and also boosts the speed with which a person runs.

2. Try negative splits:

This is a very simple phenomenon. For instance, if you are running the first half in a normal speed but the second half at a lightening speed, it is termed as the negative split. It enables the body to conserve energy for the second half and allows the muscles to warm up in the first half of the treadmill workout. The negative splits play an important role in increasing your speed in the running part.

3. Try running in intervals with inclined platform:

During your treadmill workout, you can gradually increase the incline and try to run as hard as you can. This can be accompanied by increasing the speed over time. Running on the slope makes your body stronger and when you run on a flat platform, you obviously perform better than usual.

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