The World’s Heaviest Mexican Man Dies At The Age Of 48

The news is coming from Monterrey, Mexico. The Mexican man who was popular in the world for his overwhelming weight has breathed his last at the age of 48. The news has turned his fans into a mode of mourning. Manuel Uribe has remained in the news for quite a long time when he bagged the record of being the heaviest man existing on earth. However, he was wary of the title that was given to him and out of heath care, he started working out resulting in the weight loss and at the time of death, he weighed just about 867 pounds.

When he bagged the record of being the heaviest man on earth, the weight of this man was calculated to be a whopping 1,230 pounds. In the year, he registered his name on the Guinness Book of World records. After this stint, he put up his sleeves and started working out since the doctors gave him a clear warning that if he did not put down his weight, it could result in drastic changes in his body and ultimately, it could result into death. The result was that Manuel worked day and night and in the recent checkup, his weight was confirmed to be 867 pounds.

The World’s Heaviest Mexican Dies At The Age Of 48

The people in Mexico knew him by name and he was a local celebrity. People used to come to see him from different parts of the country. He was also major news for the news media all around the world. He hit the limelight when Manuel registered the name in the Guinness book of world records for being the heaviest man existing on the planet. The death of Manuel has been confirmed by the health department of the Nuevo Leon State. This state is having the jurisdiction of Monterrey, where Manuel comes from.

The World’s Heaviest Mexican Dies At The Age Of 48

Manuel Uribe was not able to walk on his own for years, thanks to his overwhelming weight. Hence, he always required support of several people for moving him from one place to another. He had never travelled outside of Monterrey for years because of the discomfort due to his weight. The health department official stated that Manuel had been taken to the hospital on 2 May due to the heart problems. He was suffering from abnormal heartbeat.

Manuel had to be escorted to the hospital using a crane, due to his great weight. It was done by the emergency and defense workers of the state. The death certificate of Manuel has not been received yet but it is reported that Manuel was suffering from various diseases including problems with liver.

Manuel was a married man and he wed Claudia Solis in the year 2008. The marriage was one of the only events in which he left home, otherwise he was confined to bed for the last few years. From the childhood, Manuel was a over-healthy kid and weighed 250 pounds when he was a kid. As reported by Manuel, his weight started taking steps further in the year 1992 and there is no stopping whatsoever since. After the summer of 2002, Manuel had not been able to move out of his bed and relied majorly on his mother and friends in order to take care of him, clean and feed him.

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