The World’s Fastest Truck Introduced to the Market: Can Run Faster than Japanese Bullet Train

The title may be sounding absurd but the world’s fastest truck has been introduced lately by Shockwave. It will possess a four tone Peterbilt Semi engine that will generate 36,000 horsepower. The attribute that has surprised everyone is that it will be able to cover quarter of a mile in less than 6.5 seconds. The truck will hold 190 gallons of fuel and will burn 180 per performance. Shockwave had been built by Les Shockley and it is the 30th year for the giant in run.

It is legged with as many as three jet engines that will be able to provide speeds up to 400 mph to the truck. When you are in the lorry, there is a guarantee that no ordinary car will be able to overtake you. Shockwave is certainly the fastest truck in the world that has surfaced over the time. Its engine is equipped with 36,000 horsepower which is phenomenal when it comes to Lorries and trucks. The swiftness of the truck can be adjudged from the fact that it can cover quarter of mile in less than 6.5 seconds.

The World’s Fastest Truck Introduced to the Market: Can Run Faster than Japanese Bullet Train

We can heard about fastest cars and fastest bikes but hearing about the fastest truck in the world takes us by surprise and interests us even more. The driver of Shockwave Neal Darnell was interviewed when he shared his experiences of driving the world’s fastest truck. He stated that there has been no better experience than driving this truck. For believing all these compliments, you have to take a test drive yourself.

Shockwave can even leave behind the Japanese Bullet train with its speed. The Japanese Bullet train is one of the fastest in the world and the claim of Shockwave to be faster than it interests many.

Shockwave possesses as many as three Pratt and Whitney J34-48 jets that had been taken by the US Navy trainer jets with name T-2 Buckeye which is basically the non-afterburner jet with one engine.  Each of the jet engines is able to produce 12,000 horsepower, totaling the total power to 36,000.


It can stand 190 gallons of fuel which is enough for long trips. It burns 180 gallons per performance. Mr. Darnell’s son Chris is also fond of truck and drives the same. He is 31 years old and very excited to own Shockwave. He took the first ride on this vehicle when he aged just 7. He collected that the afterburners that have been added to the truck have no only increased the horsepower and thrust of the vehicle but it has made Shockwave six times more powerful that a jet aero plane engine.

The driver can experience 6G while accelerating the engine. The shockwave truck is stopped using the 16 inch ring slot that is used in the military parachutes. These parachutes can induce an impact of up to negative 9G. It makes Shockwave even more special.

Shockwave was first built in the year 1984 by Les Shockley and now it is the 30th year of existence for the truck. It was modeled by a father and son and they modified the entire truck in 2012. It will tear up the Tarmac comprehensively by displaying special performances all around the US and Canada to be precise.

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