The Total Number Of Pages Required To Print All Of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the source of information for not only students but also the curious civilians. It possesses information about almost everything ranging from sports to entertainment and history. It is simply a one stop solution for any queries that the user wants to make. If we go back by 20 years, each home in America possessed at least one or two set of encyclopedias. The living rooms were meant to keep these pricey possessions intact.

The encyclopedias were quite expensive in those days and having them at home was a matter of prestige and pride. 30 or more volumes of encyclopedias would be lined up by people in the shelf and it would cost them hundreds of dollars. These encyclopedias were a source of information for anyone in need. The adults as well as children often ransacked through the pages of encyclopedia in order to get some valuable information. The encyclopedias are now replaced with internet and people do not necessarily feel the need of possessing a encyclopedia at home.

The Total Number Of Pages Required To Print All Of Wikipedia

Almost every house is now connected with the internet these days and if some query pops up in mind, you can simply browse through Google for the same. There is also an internet space for encyclopedia and therefore, you can simply register your query there to get answers.

NPR released a very interesting note last weekend in which the organization gave us a glimpse of how many pages would it require to print all of Wikipedia. This question must be intriguing many people now because Wikipedia is a large space and the limits of info is endless in it. The answer is as incredible as the question is. It boggled our min when we received the tentative answer for the same.

According to the report of the organization, it would require more than a million pages to actually print Wikipedia from the beginning until it finishes. This figure has been suggested by the German startup called by the name PediaPress. This organization has simply dedicated itself to raise funds on Indiegogo for the printing of Wikipedia.

This is a brave and interesting step taken by the German company since it would require more than 1 million pages to actually print the Wikipedia. Wikipedia used to be in print form in the recent past and most people still prefer it to be in the print form. Going to the internet and typing your query spoils the whole concept of using a Wikipedia and we hope that the decision taken by the German press would work in their favor and people would like their innovative step.

The 1 million pages that would be printed in the Encyclopedia will be divided into as many as 1000 volumes and each volume would consist of 1,200 pages each. It would require a lot of space on the shelf consuming as much as 260 feet of space.  The last printed Encyclopedia Britannica consisted of 32 volumes and a total number of 32,640 pages.

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