The Supernatural Track Mix (Theme music for Supernatural)

Supernatural is a television series that airs on CW. The series, currently in its eighth season is an action packed drama, with a huge serving of situational comedy. Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchesters who travel around American countryside helping people by hunting evil supernatural entities like Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Deities and much more. The show has a huge fan base owing to its team of creative writers and the brilliant actors in main leads: Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padelecki.


If you haven’t watched the series up to 7th Season yet, this article might contain a heavy dosage of spoilers for you, so read at your own risk. But if you are a die-hard supernatural fan and have stuck with the Winchester boys through thick and thin in their every adventure, check out this list of songs which capture the theme of various events throughout the series so far:

Title: Carry On My Wayward Son

Artist: Kansas

Album: Leftovertrue

This song is has been played in every season finale, in the background of a montage of the season’s events leading up to the finale. This is the closest thing the series has as a theme song. Anyone who is a Supernatural fan knows the lyrics to the chorus of this song like the back of their hand.


Title: Back In Black

Artist: Ac/Dc

Album:Back In Black

A classic song to match Dean’s “Devil May Care” bad boy attitude during the first few seasons.



Title: Come Away To The Water

Artist: Maroon 5, Featuring Rozzi Crane

Album: The Hunger Games Soundtrack

I believe this to be the Yellow Eyed Demon, Azazel’s Song. The deep, dark tone and the haunting lyrics of this song will take you back to various scenes from season 2, when Azazel’s horrendous plans for Sam started to become clear to the brothers. This song is sure to send shivers up your spine.


Title: I’ll Surely Die

Artist: The Rubens

Album: The Rubens

The Winchester brothers have a tendency to take turns dying throughout the series. They always try to fight their fate with all they have yet still, one of them ends up dying at the end of the season. This song describes that spirit. Even though they come back to life in the next season one way or the other, it just doesn’t feel like Supernatural if one of them doesn’t die in a tear-jerking finale episode.



Title: Hell’s Bells


Album:Back in Black

Another classic by Ac/Dc. For me, this song perfectly dercibes both the brothers at different points of time: Dean in the 3rd season, when he was counting down his remaining time on Earth, plagued by hallucinations of hell hounds and demonic faces, before the hell hounds dragged him to hell. And Sam in season 6 finale and season 7, after Castiel forces the memories of hell back into Sam’s consciousness.





Album: Megalithic Symphony

Albeit having a dark theme, this song has pretty fun beats. It’s our little Angel Castiel’s jam, during the time he lost his “noggin”, trying to fix Sam’s.



Title: Man In The Wilderness


Album: The Grand Illusion

Even though the Winchesters are all for “Saving people, hunting things and doing the family business”, they can’t help but feel like lost soldiers fighting for the World alone, especially when they have to give up their normal life time after time. This heavy worded song is for all those unsaid feelings. It can also be associated with Castiel around the time he felt that God had given up on him.



Title: Bad Reputation

Artist: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Album: Bad Reputation

This punk song was added to this list as a tribute to all the badass ladies on Supernatural. Ruby (before they replaced Katy Cassidy), Meg, Anna the fallen Angel, Mary Campbell or even the mother of all monsters Eva, though most of them were evil (and on the show for a short period of time), these girls still gave a hard time to their opponents.



Title: Demons

Artist: Imagine Dragons.

Album: Continued Silence

This is sort of a self-reflection song for Sammy Winchester.



Title: 1961

Artist: The Fray

Album: Scars and Stories

This song is for all the bro-feels song for the Winchester brothers, how dependent they are on each other and how one can’t live without the other.


Title: Eye of The Tiger.

Artist: Survivor

Album: Rocky Soundtrack

Needless to say, the Winchesters have always been dedicated to their goal. Another reason of adding this song to the list is that after Jensen Ackles hilarious performance on this song during the episode “Yellow Fever” from season 5, this song became Dean’s anthem in the eyes of his fan.


Title: The Forgotten

Artist: Green Day

Album: ¡Tre!

This song is about losing the ones you love and trying to cope with that loss. Our heroes have lost a lot of loved ones ever since the beginning of the series and this song is perfect to describe those feelings.


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